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a Philippine folkdance
state its literature?
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What is a polka dot?

A polka dot is a design. There are polka dots on cakes, wrapping paper, food, candy, clothes, bags and much, much more. I hope I answered your question. They can look like thi

What is the form of a Polka?

ABACA like clarinet polka.Polka means half step or if you read music 2/4 time.Another definition of polka means a Polish girl in Czech

Definition of polka sa nayon dance?

Polka Sa Nayon dance literally means "Polka of the Village dance."  This is a traditional Batangas dance in the Philippines.

What is polka biana?

you may mean Polka Biala, White Polka, when the girls asks boys for dance... if not I dunno

How do you do the hop polka?

Standing on the balls of your feet, hop up on one foot and land on that same foot. Then take three small steps. Repeat, starting with the other foot. The hop step is actually

How do you do the polka dance?

The polka dance is done by a 3 step count; in other words... one two three, one two three. It starts with the male (leader) taking a step on his right foot, while the woman (p

What country was the polka from?

The Polka comes from Poland. The polka did not originate in Poland.It comes Bohemia.Originating around 1837.

What is the history of Polka sa nayon?

Polka sa Nayon means Polka in the Village. This dance comes from  the province of Batangas in the Tagalog Region of the Philippine  Islands. In the old days it was very popu

Polka sa nayon costume?

the costumes are colorful. It was so colorful to show the audience that it was fun to dance the Polka sa Nayon because if it was colorless, it was like it was so boring to see

Where does polka originate from?

This is from Wikipedia: "The beginning of the propagation of dance and accompanying music called polka is generally attributed to a young woman, Anna Slezakova (born Anna Chad

Why are polka dots called polka dots?

Polka Dots, an Americanism, arises from 1884, named for the popular dance from which MANY fashions and products took the name.

What are the steps of polka sa nayon?

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What is a plaza?

a plaza is a public square with room for pedestrians; mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers; usua