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Double-knit interlock fabric with stand-out stability and firmness that's perfect for suiting. Ponte fabric has a subtle sheen and incredible durability.
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How do you knit?

Answer   Make a loop, pull it through, repeat. I learned with a rhyme. In through the front door, once around the back, peek through the window and on jumps Jack. a littl

How to knit?

  cast on   (pattern) bind off look it up on google or read a book instead of other people wasting their time on answering this stupid question, smartie

What is knitting?

Knitting is quite simply a process of pulling loops through loops. One needle has a string of loops on it. As each loop is pushed, one-by-one, to the tip of the left needle, t

What is pontings average?

  Ponting's batting averages are as followes:----- Test: 58.37 ODIs: 43.25 20-20: 39.37

How do you knit with one knitting needle?

There is no way to knit with only one needle. To knit, you need two needles, one to hold the existing stitches and the other to pull new stitches through the old ones to make

How do you knit with a knitting needle?

You need two knitting needles and some basic, thicker yarn if you're a beginner. There are many websites that can show you the basics. One good website is knittinghelp.com and

What can you knit?

You can knit loads of things! Scarves, mittens, socks, jumpers, blankets, or just anything you can think of. You can also knit with different colours, different stitches and s

How do you start knitting and knit?

First you need two knitting needles, preferably of the same size and length, then you need some yarn or wool. To start knitting you need to cast on. Try this answer on how to

What is a ponte dress?

It is a way the fabric is knitted, making it firm yet stretchy. Making Your Look Fabulous with knitted wears.

What is ponte fabric?

It's 58% polyester and 40% rayon, and is a knit fabric that has some spandex to make it stretchy.

How do you knit with a knitting wheel?

If it's similar to the knifty knitter then think of it as a giant version of corking. You wrap yarn around the pegs then take the bottom stitch off. That is the basic stitch,