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Double-knit interlock fabric with stand-out stability and firmness that's perfect for suiting. Ponte fabric has a subtle sheen and incredible durability.
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What is interweave knitting?

Interweave knitting is also known as Afghan stitches or Tunisian Crochet. It is a way of crocheting using one hook and adapted knitting techniques. The finished fabric you cre

What is SSK in knitting?

SSK stands for slip, slip, knit: Slip one stitch, then slip the next. Insert left needle into the front loops of the slipped stitches and knit them both through the back loops

How do you stitch in knitting?

It depends on what stitch, normal, garter, seed, stockinette . . . The best thing to do is to get a book on knitting (I have one from the Visual series and it's brilliant) or

What is a ponte dress?

It is a way the fabric is knitted, making it firm yet stretchy. Making Your Look Fabulous with knitted wears.

What is a ponte pant?

It is a pant made out of a a material that is a double knitted process, in other words it has to do with the way the fabric is knitted. It results in a firm, yet stretchy, fab

How do you knit?

Answer   Make a loop, pull it through, repeat. I learned with a rhyme. In through the front door, once around the back, peek through the window and on jumps Jack. a littl

Why was knitting invented?

  It is more portable, requires less equipment, and produces stretchier fabric than weaving.

How do you French knit?

This is a form of knitting using a knitting device called a knitting nanny's. (In Germany they're called Niles) It is a hand held tool called a laced. The yarn is wound around

Where is the Ponte Vecchio?

The Ponte Vecchio is located in the Italian city of Florence/Firenze. The phrase means 'Old Bridge'. It is a medieval stone bridge that has three arches and can be found over

How do you do k2 in knitting?

K2 is simply knitting for two separate stitches. this is different from K2tog which means knit two together, where you treat the next two stitches as though they are one.

How do you knit with one knitting needle?

There is no way to knit with only one needle. To knit, you need two needles, one to hold the existing stitches and the other to pull new stitches through the old ones to make

Where did knitting originate?

many countries claim origin and no one can prove theirs to be the first .. countries as china , India, Italy , Egypt, Jordan , etc etc claim to be the first .. the answer is n

Why is knitting important?

Because you can make things, pretty much anything can be made out of two needles and some yarn, though sometimes you need more needles. Also, once you are comfortable with th

How do you purl in knitting?

Purling is a very common stitch in knitting. When looking at a piece of knitted fabric, the purl stitch is actually the reverse side of the knit stitch. In order to perform