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Popular sovereignty indicates that the mandate of the people created government, and that political power comes from the people. However, in practice, political leaders abuse their power because they consider themselves sovereigns, instead of public servants.
It is the basic principle of the American system of government; that the people are the only source of any and all American governmental power, that government must be conducted with the consent of the governed.
Popular sovereignty is the belief that the state is created by the mandate of its people, who are the source of all political power. It is closely associated to the social contract philosophers, among whom are Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The notion that power lies with the people
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What is popular sovereignty and how did it affect territories becoming states?

Popular sovereignty was the right of the residents of these territories to vote themselves on the issue of slavery (in this case). In the Compromise of 1850, the territories o

What is popular sovereignty and how did it affect the civil war?

Popular sovereignty was a means of compromising the wishes of antiand pro slavery advocates by allowing the western states to decidefor themselves whether they wanted to be fr

Why is popular sovereignty important to you?

Why is Popular Sovereignty important to Me? The short answer: Love is the answer to every question... Perfect Sovereign=Popular Sovereignty=Self-Determination=Self-Regulation=

What if popular sovereignty wasn't enacted?

They would have to have worked out some new Compromise that proably wouldn't have lasted. Popular Sovereignty (voting on slavery) sounded very reasonable, but it ended in blo

What is popular sovereignty and how does it apply the study of the civil war?

It sounded like a sensible and orderly solution to the slavery debate - let the people of each new state vote on whether to be slave or free. In fact, it was taken as an invi

Why popular sovereignty?

Political doctrine that allowed the settlers of U.S. federal territories to decide whether to enter the Union as free or slave states. It was applied by Sen. http://www.answe
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What is the difference between popular sovereignty and sovereignty?

Popular sovereignty is a doctrine that power come from the people and those who rule them must rule in conformity with them. Sovereignty means supreme or ultimate political au
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What is popular sovereignty and how does it apply to the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

Popular Sovereignty decreed that the new states would decide the question of slavery within their borders for themselves. 'Popular Sovereignty' was the term coined by Senat
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What is popular sovereignty and who proposed it in the Kansas-Nebraska territory?

'Popular Sovereignty' was the vote-winning phrase dreamed-up by Stephen Douglas of Illinois, in his attempt to resolve the issue of possible slavery in the new Western states,