What is print media and what are the advantages and disadvantages of print media?

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it enable those in undeveloped communities current or uptated with public informations.
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What are the disadvantages of print media?

One disadvantage to print media is the fact that you have to mailit to others instead of sending it electronically. By mailing it,decisions and responses based on the informat

What is print media and what is electronic media?

Print media - Eg : Yellow pages, Newspapers, Business directories, Books, Magazines, posters. Electronic media: Media that uses electronics to reach audience. Telegraph,

What are advantages of print media?

1. The closeness of the medium. A leather-bound, yellow-paged book will always be more personal than an electronic screen or kindle. (Though I have one) 2. You don't need a sp

What is a print and media?

Print Media is based on paper written work.Three examples of print media are, news papers, magazines and also billboard's.

Disadvantage of print media?

There are quite a few disadvantages of printed media. The biggestdisadvantage of printed media is that it takes a very long time toreach the entire population.

What are the advantages of print media of advertising?

Media advertisement is important because it can reach such a large audience, and the great number of specialized publications enables businesses to focus in on a target audien

Is electronic media hampering print media?

Sure . In this fast growing world, we try to go along with the world, following the same style of life. Nowadays a s people are busy in their jobs, they find less time to read

Disadvantages and advantages of print media?

Advantages: . Without it, America would further be driven to more illiteracy. Some Americans only read the news becasue they have to. If al print media went strictly to broa

Compare print media and broadcast media?

print media has to do with anything that is printed in the form of books like newspapers, magazines, tabloids, novels and etc. On the others hand broadcast media is anything b

Can electronic media replace print media?

Media have always played a major role in our lives. In olden days, people carved stories on stones and temples. Today we have known a lot about those days by seeing the sculpt