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What is produced by the pituitary to help relieve pain?

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Do dense foam mattresses help relieve back pain?

Answer   Yes... About as well as water beds do. The weight is distributed  more evenly due to the lack of certain bony areas supporting  greater weight on said points. A

What streches help relieve lower back pain?

As a general statement, the very best back stretches to relieve lower back pain are those that correct or improve a particular problem an individual has that is causing back p

Will Valium help relieve sciatic pain?

Yes, it totally can. I have some back problems, PARS fracture, tucked pelvis and some scoilosis. I've found that just a small amount of valium, 2.5 to be exact, works wonders.

Will plantar fascia surgery help relieve sciatica pain?

    Absolutely not. Though the pain is felt in the legs and foot, the Sciatic nerve and resulting pain from it is due to nerve compression from the L4/L5 or L5/S1 disk

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How do you relieve back pain?

If it's bad enough that you can't walk, you might consider going to the ER. However, one thing to always remember is to NEVER ask up front for pain meds, no matter how bad the

What can help relieve pain caused by wisdom teeth?

There are various methods which may be utilised to relieve the pain caused by wisdom teeth, these include purchasing over the counter pain-killers such as paracetamol or numbi

How does pain reliever know where the pain is in the body?

  I like this question because it forces the pain reliever makers to state a reality. Any pain reliever can relieve most pain. Only the strength of the pain reliever shoul

Can Xanax relieve nerve pain?

It will relieve the tention surrounding the area with which you physically suffer. However, it will not terminate the pain entirely.

What is the best pain reliever for period pain?

I take naproxen sodium.It is store brand so I'm not sure what name you would look for. Sometime having a little drink like brandy or something works. I usually just have a win

Do high heels help relieve lower back pain?

Definitely not! In fact, they cause it and will make it worse. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am only answerin

What helps relieve severe gas pain in a 6 year old?

  Often gas pain is caused by the bowels not moving properly, or by an abundance of acidic liquid diarreah like stool, also not moving comfortably through. An APPLE can
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What can you do to relieve hip pain?

Go to the chiropractor, physical therapist etc. ice it and when you sleep,put a pillow underneath the thigh of the side of the injured hip. If you sleep on your side, be sure
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What is the best pain reliever for pain in the knee?

The answer for this greatly depends on the level of pain as well as  the source of the pain. If the pain is severe, you may take  tramadol for immediate relief.    An