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it is a process which looks like sublimation but actually a diffrent process takes place that's why it is called pseudo means false sublimation ... in this when we heat a solid it gets decomposed in another compounds or elements and converts in to gas and when we cool them down the compounds again combine which by seeing looks like sublimation .. its example is amonium chloride
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What is sublimation?

Sublimation: The change of state in which a solid is transformed directly into a gas without going through the liquid state. Sublimation = solid to gas/gas to solid.

What is pseudo receptor?

A pesudoreceptor is a molecular binding pocket, and is one of the  key structures in improving drug screening. This is made possible  by a combination of ligand matching and

What is pseudo conflict?

pseudo-conflict is a conflict or situation where the people are actually in agreement , but perceptions and misunderstanding prevents them from seeing that they are in agreeme

What can sublimate?

Iodine and solid Carbon dioxide both sublimate directly to gases with no liquid phase.

What is Pseudo food?

Pseudo food would be what is popularly known as "junk food". These items add calories and fat, but do little to maintain health. They provide few nutrients, too much salt, and

What is pseudo hardness?

pseudo hardness interferes to high concentration of sodium ion which interfers with normal behavior of soap.
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What is pseudo buffer?

  a solution which does not fulfills the property of a buffer solution but act as buffer solution.
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What is sublimating?

It is a physical, state of matter change from a solid to a gas (skipping the usual liquid step). Think dry ice (solid CO2). This can occur with CO2 due to the fact that it can

What is pseudo plasmodium?

Pseudoplasmodium is a collection of amoebae that have combined due  to a loss of food source. This aggregated of amoebae forms a slug  structure with a defined body that is