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Answer: Receptive language is the comprehension of language - listening and understanding what is communicated. Another way to view it is as the receiving aspect of language. (Sometimes, reading is included when referring to receptive language, but some people use the term for spoken communication only.) It involves being attentive to what is said, the ability to comprehend the message, the speed of processing the message, and concentrating on the message. Receptive language includes understanding figurative language, as well as literal language. Receptive language includes being able to follow a series of commands.

Receptive language is one of the two aspects of communication in language or communication theory - the other being expressive language (which refers to being able to produce speech and communicate a message). Some people can speak better than they can understand or vice versa; in other words, some are better at receptive language, while others are better at expressive language. Someone who excels at one is not necessarily good at the other.

This terminology often appears in discussions of communication theory, speech and language disorders, and second language acquisition theory.

Answer: This is where the child understands what other people are saying. It is a major step in the progress of a child with Autism. It is however not enough for the child to understand just a handful of words such as food, milk, bike etc. A typical child of seven can understand and use at least 10,000 words. A child with Autism needs to have his receptive language boosted as early and as quickly as possible.
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