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What is recursion explain with example?

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What is recursion explain with example?
Recursion is when a function (procedure) calls itself.

int Fib (int n)
if ((n==1)(n==0))return 1;
else return Fib(n-1) + Fib(n-2);
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Explain the term Recursion with example?

  recursive definition of a function is defined in which the function is defined in terms of itself.here the fuction calls itself repetitively.

What is the purpose of a stack in implementing a recursive procedure Explain?

there is no a prior limit on the depth of nested recursive calls (that a recursive function may call itself any no. of times), we may need to save an arbitrary number of regis

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What is recursiveness?

What is recursiveness?

Assuming you mean "recursion", recursion is a function calling itself. A good example of when you would use recursion is for a directory walker. You would call the function, p

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Recursion is the technique of a function calling itself, rather than iterating through the use of loops. The classic example of a recursive function is the computation of N Fa
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