What is recursion explain with example?

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Recursion is when a function (procedure) calls itself.

int Fib (int n)
if ((n==1)(n==0))return 1;
else return Fib(n-1) + Fib(n-2);
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What is an example of using recursive functions?

Answer . \nLet's take the example of finding the factorial of a number (of a positive integer). \n. \nThe factorial of N is \nN * (N-1) * (N-2) * (N-3) ... * 3 * 2 *1\n.

What is recursion?

Read answer of question: "What is recursion?" . Recursion in computer science is a way of 'Thinking About'and then 'Solving' problems. How does it look in reality when prog

Can anybody explain stack level functioning of recursion in c language exclusively?

Yes, any body can explain stack level functioning of recursion in Clanguage exclusively. ;-) Whenever we invoke a function, the return address is pushed ontothe call stack. Th

What is recursive?

In computer programming, a function can call another function. If a function calls itself, it is said to be recursive. Doing this correctly can it quite simple to solve certai

Write a example of recursion?

Following function calculates factorial of a number using recursion.. unsigned int factorial(unsigned int a) { if (a == 1) return 1; else { a *= factorial(a-1);

What is recursiveness?

Assuming you mean "recursion", recursion is a function calling itself. A good example of when you would use recursion is for a directory walker. You would call the function, p

What is an example of recursive pattern in expository writing?

DEFINITION OF RECURSION IN WRITING: . When the speaker discusses a topic, then restates it using different words or symbolism. It is used to drive home a point and to give
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What is the purpose of a stack in implementing a recursive procedure Explain?

there is no a prior limit on the depth of nested recursive calls (that a recursive function may call itself any no. of times), we may need to save an arbitrary number of reg

What is recursion in c explain with the help of an example?

Recursion is the technique of a function calling itself, rather than iterating through the use of loops. The classic example of a recursive function is the computation of N Fa