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Remote computer monitoring is the act of monitoring a computer from a different location. Usually, large businesses do this with either a key-stroke monitor/logger, a screenshot program, or both.
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Why is a computer monitor called a 'monitor'?

 Answer   In computing, monitor is just another term for display screen. The term monitor, however, usually refers to the entire box, whereas display screen can mean j

What is a computer monitor?

  It is the display unit (like a TV screen) which is attached to a computer to tell you what is happening inside.         A computer monitor is the screen a

Is remote neural monitoring a reality?

Please excuse me jumping in and adding to what you've written below. The secret program is based on implantable 'Biomedical Technology', deployed surreptitiously for surveill

What does a monitor do to computers?

  It doesn't "do" anything to them; a monitor is the thing that looks like a TV that you're looking at as you read this.

What does a monitor do for a computer?

A computer monitor is the same thing as a computer screen. It lets your computer display text, images, and videos. Without a screen you wouldn't be able to see what you are do

Is a monitor a computer?

No, a monitor is simply an output device that you can connect to a computer. Once connected to a computer, you can see what the computer displays on the monitor.

How much does remote IT monitoring cost?

Remote IT monitoring costs more upfront to install but in the long run costs less than a patrol officer. With the improved technology of the satellites, you are able to monit
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What is the purpose of remote server monitoring?

Remote server monitoring software continually tracks the health and performance of a server, and will instantly alert the server host if any issues are noticed. This reduces p
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What is a remote monitoring system used for?

A remote monitoring system is a system designed to collect information from a remote location and relay it back to a control room or an administration room wherein the informa
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What are the advantages of remote video monitoring?

The advantages of remote video monitoring can be used to allow police and other authorities to get critical visual information to make a fast response to emergencies. This typ