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it means to make more of.
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How do you reproduce?

To reproduce: - Put the original picture or text into a copying machine. - Examine the original statue or painting and make as good a copy as you can. - Pollinate a flower

How do autotrophs reproduce?

I will use flowers as an example. Flowers use sexual reproduction,and sperm are contained within their pollen. When this pollensticks to a pollenating insect's legs, such as a

How do blenny reproduce?

Blennies reproduce by laying eggs and reproducing sexually. Theylay eggs inside the caves they live in and will guarded it untilthe young hatch.

Why do you reproduce?

To make sure that the continue of its kind exist We as humans like to reproduce for the following reasons: 1. It may be fun 2. To pouplate the human race 3. Becoming a moth

How do squids reproduces?

Squids reproduce by mating in large groups,and attach their egg capsules to the ocean floor or to seaweed.They live in all types of areas e.g. at a jetty, bay, lake and evende
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What is reproducation?

Reproduction is the process of reproducing organisms, "making/having babies."

How do plants that do not reproduce from seed reproduce?

Reproduce by spores like mushrooms and ferns. Repoduce by suckers or shoots like banana and pineapple. Reproduce from stem cuttings like rose and sugar cane. Reproduc
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What is reproduce and fertilization?

In sexual reproduction , two parents donate genes to their young, resulting in offspring with a mix of inherited genes. These genes are donated through a process called ferti
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What is reproducing?

Reproducing can mean to make a copy of something or to re-createsomething such as an image. Reproducing also refers to generatingoffspring.