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Nowadays rubber is more commonly made from petroleum but it's also possible to make rubber from the latex extracted from trees (latex is pretty much just sap).
Rubber is just a combination of polymers of isoprene units and other natural substances and impurities. It is a build up of the isoprene unit molecules and is not normally made up of other synthetic materials (although sometimes these materials are used to sythesise rubber). Natural rubber comes from the sap of the rubber tree. Today's rubber is mostly a synthetic, formed from substances like latex. jb real rubber comes from the sap of the rubber tree. synthetic rubber does not come from latex, but is made from oil
Rubber is naturally made from the sap of rubber trees.These grow in tropical climates such as Malaysia. We can also make synthetic rubbers, starting with substances from crude oil. Natural rubber has few uses in its untreated state, being a very soft substance. Examples include insulation and adhesives. Most rubber is hardened by the process of vulcanisation which cross links the molecules to make the substance harder. It then has many applications such as vehicle tyres, air hoses and rainwear.
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Why are rubber ducks made out of rubber?

Rubber Ducks are made of rubber because it is a cheap material and is very durable, and lasts a long time. Also, it easily cleans, especially if it is dirtied after you have l

Rubber is made of?

Rubber is made out of the sap of the rubber tree that is commonly found in the Amazon Rainforest.

What is made of rubber?

There are many things made of rubber. This includes rubber balls,  bike and car tires, erasers, garden hoses, rubber stamps, rubber  bands, shoe soles, and balloons.

Why are rubber band made of rubber?

Rubber bands are made of rubber because rubber is stretchy so it is able to wrap around materials such papers, pencils, poster boards, etc. Also, it is a strong material so it

What are rubbers made from?

Rubbers as in erasers. They are made from rubber exacly the same thing rubber there are two types of rubbers Rubbers as in condoms. Are mostly made from latex.

What is the rubber made from?

natural rubber is from sap of tree synthetic rubbers are polymers example buna-s is polymer of styrene and isoprene
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What was Rubber made out of?

Rubber is made from the natural sap of the rubber trees, which is  known as latex. The latex needs to be processed on heated  horizontal rollers. Chemicals are added dependi