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Sandy clay loam (SCL) is a soil texture. A soil texture is a specific mixture of sand, silt and clay particles.
SCL can have 74 to 80% sand and 20 to 35% clay. See the link on soil texture for more.
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What is loam?

Loam is a rich soil, containing sand, clay and decaying organic matter

What is the composition of loam?

25% air, 18% sand, 18% silt, 25% water, 9% clay, 5% humus

Why do clay and organic soils hold nutrient better then sandy soils?

Clay and organic soils hold nutrients better then sandy soils  because the sandy soils as the water drains away, the water will  carry the nutrients with it. This is called

How are clay soils and sandy soils different?

they are different because caly soil can hold water extremley well but sandy soil holds water poorly

What is a loam soil?

Loam consists of a mixture of sand, clay, and decaying organic materials such as rotted leaves and vegetation.

What is the difference between loam and clay?

Clay soil is sticky and drains well and loam soil drains but also holds nutrients well.

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of clay soil and sandy soil?

Clay soils have both advantages and disadvantages. The most common complaint about clay soil is that it has poor drainage. Soil drainage refers to the movement of water down

Sandy soil is dry in comparison to clay due to?

osmosis plasmolysis capillary action envirroment Surface area of the clay is higher than the sandy soil so it adsorbs/absorbs more moisture

What is the pH of clay loam soil?

Hi in answer to the question there are a few answers as clay loams have a different pH depending on what they are being used for. For grass, clayloam has a recommended pH of b

What are the differences between sandy soil and clay soil?

Sandy soil isn't a typical and a soil to be recommended if you're planting because it has generally a huge amount of sand in it which makes it relatively and almost infertile,