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Sandy clay loam (SCL) is a soil texture. A soil texture is a specific mixture of sand, silt and clay particles.
SCL can have 74 to 80% sand and 20 to 35% clay. See the link on soil texture for more.
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What is loam?

Loam is a rich soil, containing sand, clay and decaying organic matter

What is clay loam soil?

Clay loam soil would have more clay then a typical loam type soil.   Loam soil is composed of sand, silt, humus, and clay in about an even concentration of each.40-40-40-10

What is the pH of clay loam soil?

Hi in answer to the question there are a few answers as clay loams have a different pH depending on what they are being used for. For grass, clayloam has a recommended pH of b

Is a clay loam a mineral soil?

Clay soil is a mineral soil, yes. All soils contain minerals. Clay soil is a dense soil, and loam is a looser, lighter soil with more air space and composted plant matter

What grows in sandy loam?

The best things that grow in Sandy Loam is orchards, melons, avocado, tomatoes, squash and citrus, among other plants and crops.

Is sandy loam dirt good for bmx jumps?

Yes sandy loam will work well for a bmx jump just remember if your making small or ever larger dirt jumps you need a good foundation and supports throughout the jump. I've fou