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What is shutter life expectancy of the Nikon d7000?

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Somewhere from 100 000 to 200 000 if you do not drop it often. The chances of it breaking before 50 000 are extremely low.
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Is there a problem with hot pixels in Nikon D7000?

Yes, when video is performed in low light you will see the dead or stuck pixel issue. Mine had a bright red pixel in the lower center and also a green one in the upper right.

How can you connect a Nikon d7000 to an hd tv?

The Nikon d7000 should have came with a cable that will connect the  camera to the tv and put the image on display.    For step by step instructions, please refer to t

Is there anyway to get a free Nikon D7000?

Sure. Walk into any reputable electronics store, tell them you would like to speak with the mananger and politely ask that he or she simply give you one. If they do not imme

Is a class 10 SD card compatible with a Nikon d7000?

The card will probably work with a D7000. Class 10 indicates read/write speed. It won't hurt the camera so try it and see. If you haven't bought a card yet this page shows whi