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What is sieving used for in everyday life?

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Getting weevils out of flour. Also helps aerate the flour.
Removing contaminants from a process fluid.
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How can cones be used in everyday life?

here are some i thought of: - ice cream cones - traffic cones - party hats - funnels - Christmas trees - piping bags - martini glass - lamp shades - pencil/p

What is iron used for in everyday life?

Iron is a common metal and is in many things around everyone today. The everyday things that people use have iron in them, like phones, computers, television and many more ele

How is titanium used in everyday life?

Titanium is used in the shipping industry as it is water resistant. It is used in medical and aerospace industry as it a very lightweight, strong and durable metal. Also, Tit

Can trigonometry be used in everyday life?

Yes !! Mathematics is a subject that is vital for gaining a better perspective on events that occur in the natural world. A keen aptitude for math improves critical thinking a

What do we use argon for everyday life?

used as filling for fluorescent lamps, electric light bulbs, incandescent lamps and for vacuum tube.

How is sulfur used in your everyday life?

its used in gun powder,fireworks,lead acid batteries,and fertalizers  its used in gun powder,fireworks,lead acid batteries,and fertalizers  its used in gun powder,fireworks,

How is chemistry used in everyday life?

chemistry is used in everyday life by the food we eat air we breathe the soap we use emotions we go threw Literally every object we can see and touch.

How you use decanting in everyday life?

Decanting is used when separating the sediment from wine. This is usually done by pouring a liquid from one solid to another. I hope this helps! :)

How is tellurium used in everyday life?

Tellurium is found in gold, therefore it is used to make gold.

How can you use dilation in everyday life?

When an architect makes blueprints for a house those blueprints are later dilated by construction workers. When someone is constantly itching their eye their pupil gets dilat

How are solids used in your everyday life?

I live in a solid. I am sitting on a solid and am wearing solids. My eyesight is helped by solids as my fingers tap on different solids and I monitor the results on another so

How is pi used in everyday life?

the double helix is DNA revolves around pi. pi is in the rainbow, the pupil in the eye and when a raindrop falls into water pi emerges in the spreading rings. it appears in co

How is math used in your everyday life?

Here are just a few examples:   (*) You want to paint a large room in your house. The gallon-size paint can says that it covers 150 square feet. Your room is 20 feet by 30