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What is sieving used for in everyday life?

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Getting weevils out of flour. Also helps aerate the flour.
Removing contaminants from a process fluid.
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How is pyrite used in everyday life?

Pyrite is used for carpeting houses, growing food, bone density, manufacturing sulfur, sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide, and inexpensive jewelry.

How is rounding used in everyday life?

when someone asks you the time, you rarely respond with it is eleven twenty three and fourteen seconds, you typically say its eleven twenty five.

How is chromatography used in everyday life?

some applications are;   "Separations of inks, amino acids" from a mixture , blood and urine  anlysis, from a mixture

How is geography useful in everyday life?

Geography is useful in everyday life because, many people go on vacation to different parts of the world, when you get to your destination you have to know where to go, WITHOU

How is krypton used in everyday life?

it isnt * * * * * It is used in fluorescent lamps.