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Silence Cloth is used on a dining table under the table cloth. It is a thick felt fabric that adds a soft barrier between china and silver and the wooden or glass table underneath. The term 'silence cloth' was given to the fabric as it silenced the clanging of dropped utensils. It also has the added benefit of protecting delicate china and porcelain place settings against chips and nicks.
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How does a firearm silencer silence the firearm?

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Gaining Faculties while at the medium of Sound : Silence is eloquence. The sound of silence is the pulse-beat of this Universe. Silence is the ocean into which all rivers of

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"Silence is Golden, But my eyes still see," means it is sometimes  better to keep quiet and watch or observe what is going on around  you. Think before you speak.   

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  Yes, somewhat; but there is little point to it.

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The "Sound of Silence" is a protest-style song about people who refuse to make their voices heard on things that matter (or at least matter to them).

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