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If you smell burnt toast when there is no bread burning in the toaster, this is called an olfactory hallucination. It is possible to experience olfactory hallucinations when you have a brain abnormality, such as a brain tumor, or if you are about to experience a seizure or a stroke. In order to rule out these issues, you can visit a doctor and get a brain MRI.
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Do you smell burnt toast before a migraine headache?

Yes, some patients can smell things that aren't there during a Migraine attack. This often includes the smell of burned toast. For appropriate diagnosis and treatment of Migr

Is burnt toast bad for you?

While burnt toast doesn't compare in taste to golden brown and delicious toast fresh from the toaster, it will not kill you. Bread and most organic matter on earth is compos

What are the symptoms of a burnt valve?

The engine will have low compression and misfire, especially at idle. The misfire will seem to disappear at higher RPM.

Is it safe to eat burnt toast?

  yes it is safe to eat burnt tost but put a spread on it in case you choke k   from was123123

Why is burnt toast unhealthy for you?

Burnt toast forms the same substance, acrylamide which is a known health hazard and possibly carcinogenic thought to be especially so to the large bowel, bladder and kidney. I

Is burnt toast good for your stomach?

Yes, actually. The nutrients that have been burnt inside of the bread become most potent when heated to a high enough temperature, causing the minerals to become not only visi

What does it mean if you smell burnt toast?

Smelling burnt toast (when there's no actual bread burning) is  called an olfactory hallucination.    It is possible to experience olfactory hallucinations when you ha

Does burnt toast make you sing better?

No, because when you eat that it is not good for your health and it would also be dry, no-one can sing with a dry throat. But what does help is to drink lots of water, practic
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Does burnt toast give you cancer?

It cant But it possibly could increase your risk though it could not increase risk. Actually the cancer risk is microscopically increased. Although the bread is heated in th

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