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Baja Boats have been called the most popular performance boat on the market. Check out the official Baja Boats site for more information on their products.
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What is the opposite of Baja?

Baja is a spanish word meaning short. The spanish word for tall is alta.

How did Special Agent Gibbs get his boat out of his basement?

Fact: Gibbs does not mislead or lie to children. Fact: In Season 3 Episode 7 Honor Code Gibbs explains to a 6 year old boy named Zach, that he could tear out the outer wall of

Who Founded Baja California Mexico?

Hernan Cortes. He however, thought Baja California was an island.

How fast can a baja warrior go?

20-25 mph max take the two middle gears off and make one chain from clutch to rear wheel and you can go 50 :D

What is baja-ing?

It is a form of desert style racing. Baja is apart of mexico and became a name for racing when they would drive buggies and offroad trucks, etc.

What is the baja region of mexico?

The Baja California Peninsula, located on northwestern Mexico, is a long but slim peninsula that stretches along 1,250 Kilometers (775 miles) from the San Diego-Tijuana border

Can civilians join the special boat service reserve?

Yes, but officially applicants must have prior military service in either the regular or reserve military before doing so. There are rumours that some individuals have taken