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Spontaneous Thursday is a day when a blogger posts random spontaneous things in his or her blog without writing it earlier and also without caring how it affects the community.
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What are spontaneous twins?

  they are twins that happen naturally rather than through in vitro fertilization.

How do you spell spontaneity?

That is the correct spelling of the noun spontaneity.

What does spontaneous improvisation?

Spontaneous Improvisation is where people make up plays that have  been planned to show to an audience, but when performing it  something goes wrong i.e a prop falls of a ta

What is spontaneous in tagalog?

The word "spontaneous" when translated in Tagalog or Filipino (national language of the Philippines) would simply mean "kusang-loob", "kusa". The word "spontaneous" when trans

What is a synonym for spontaneous?

For a reaction, synonyms could include automatic, reflexive, or instinctive. For a spontaneous person : impulsive, impetuous, or extemporaneous.

What is spontaneous hypnosis?

Spontaneous hypnosis is the situation where the brain slips into the same state as in clinical hypnosis or deep meditation (high theta wave activity, combined with suppressed

Why Thursday is called as Thursday?

Zeus is Greek god of the heavens and the supreme Greek god.The right hand man of the supreme God Odin, in Norse mythology, is Thor. Hew was known as the Thunder god, and was r

What are Spontaneous Generation?

Aristotle came up with the hypothesis that living things could be created from inanimate objects. It was a theory of the origin of life before it was proven wrong.

What is spontaneous and non spontaneous?

Spontaneous ...   Happens all by itself; typically unpredictable    Non-spontaneous...   You have to do something to make it happen.

What is spontaneity?

Spontaneity is the way do things withut thinking about it. Such as breathing. When you were just breathing a second ago did u tell yourself in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out?

What is a spontaneous reaction?

This is a reaction that takes place on its own without an externalforce and another reaction needed to drive it. (It might not takeplace very quickly, however.) An iron nail r
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What is a noun for spontaneous?

Spontaneous is an adjective. The related noun may be  "spontaneousness" or "spontaneity."