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That means that there isn't much change - mainly, that there is no progress.
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Stagnation is when the economy fails to grow. The difficulties that this causes is that new entrants in the job market find it hard to find jobs. There is no place for investments to be made increase capital and income. There are no new sources of revenue for the government.
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Meaning of stagnation?

Stagnation refers to the state of stagnating or having stopped.  Stagnation means when something has ceased to flow or failed to  develop or progress.

What is secular stagnation?

As the income increases according to Keynesian Theory the Marginal / Average Propensity to Save also increases which leads to secular stagnation due to large amount of savings

What does stagnation mean?

Like still water in a pond. The pond develops mosquitoes unlike a river that flows and refreshes. Or the current state of Congress in that they talk a lot but get little done.

What is stagnation velocity of sound?

It is the speed of sound in a fluid at stagnation conditions. For example, if you have air flowing at some speed V with a temperature T and pressure P, the speed of sound in t

What is spiritual stagnation?

Stagnation-Means to be inactive, stuck, or having lack of maturity   (In other words not growing or maturing)   To be spiritually stagnant is to be in a place where on

What is meant by the term 'economic stagnation'?

The term 'economic stagnation' means a period of slow economic growth. Depending on the definition of the term, this means growth less than around 2% per year or significantly
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What is meant by the term stagnate?

The term "stagnate" means not flowing or moving, motionless. It can also mean foul or stale from standing. Words with similar meaning include sluggish, dull from inaction, e
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The mraning of stagnation?

The official definition of the word stagnation is "the state of  being still, or not moving."