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Strong-arm robbery is a term used to describe a situation where the offender uses or threatens to use his or her fists, feet, hands, or teeth to deprive the victim of their personal possessions and/or money. Muggings and other robberies are included in this type of robbery when no weapons other than hands, feet, etc. are used to commit the act.

In cases of purse-snatching or pocket-picking, if the victim does not resist, it is classified as larceny-theft. If the victim resists and force or threat of force is used, it is classified as strong arm robbery. For example, If a woman is shoved to the ground in the act of stealing her purse, it a strong-arm robbery. If the thief snatches her purse off her shoulder and runs off, it is larceny-theft.
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What is considered strong arm robbery?

"Strong Arm" robbery doesn't involve weapons, may or may not involve more than one perpetrator [as in 'by gang' or 'by mob'] and totals an average of 40% of all robberies comm

What is the penalty for strong arm robbery in Alabama?

Robbery is broken into three degrees of crimes. Robbery in the first degree is a class "A" felony.Robbery in the second degree is a class "B" felony.Robbery in the third degr

Can you be charged with strong arm robbery if you didn't take anything?

Yes, even the Attempt to commit a strong arm robbery is an offense - just the same as you would be charged if you attempted the robbery with a gun but got nothing. It is the f

Is strong arm robbery a felony or misdemeanor?

"Any armed robbery is a felony." by a previous contributor.....    Added note:    Strong arm robbery is a violent threat or use of physical violence  to purport a r
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How much is bail for strong armed robbery?

This all depends on the state, and if the suspect has priors for the same type of crime. Then are they out on bail already for another felony charge. These are all factors in
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What is the penalty for strong arm robbery in VA?

The penalty for strong armed robbery in Virginia is up to 20 years in prison. Strong armed robbery is something that is taken very seriously, and can hold serious penalties if