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Morocco has the Atlas Mountains, Spain and Portugal to the north, Western Sahara to the southwest, Mauritania to the south, and Algeria to the east.
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Where is Morocco?

Morocco is a country in extreme northwest Africa, on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

What is Morocco?

Morocco is a country in northern Africa. Its coastline is the NorthAtlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Western Saharaand Algeria. It is near Gibraltar.

What surrounds Morocco?

Morocco is surrounded the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea,. Algeria and Mauritania.

Who runs Morocco?

It's king is Mohammed VI and it's prime minister is Abbas El Fassi
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Why was Morocco named Morocco?

The English name "Morocco" originates from, respectively, theSpanish and Portuguese names "Marruecos" and "Marrocos". These, inturn, derived from "Marrakesh", the medieval Lat