What is svalbard like?

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Svalbard is (in my opinion) an amazing place. Why? Well because it holds so many features in which are extraordinary such as, Northern lights, Seed vault and painted houses. It is also very cold (Because it is inside the Arctic Circle) Hope that helped :)
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Where is Svalbard located?

Svalbard is located far north of the ARCTIC circle about 600 miles from the north pole. it is in Norway territory and u can fly from oslo or tromso. it is at the north east of

What are houses like in svalbard?

They tend to be quite colorful as they are in many parts of the Arctic, and they are all raised above the ground to allow air to flow beneath due to the permafrost.

Why is Svalbard important?

Svalbard is important because the snw is melting and we need to help all the animals in danger
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Who lives in svalbard?

Normal people like you and me. But they just live in a cold isolated place. I Longyearbyen (capital) they have a small supermarket to source the whole town/city. Further into
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How could you get to svalbard?

Some cruises of the Norwegian coast go to Svalbard, however the safest and cheapest method is a flight from Tromso to the one public airport on the island which is in Longyear
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How likely is it to see a polar bear in Svalbard in August?

Bears are more likely to be spotted in the summer than the winter, however, the likelihood of seeing a polar bear in Svalbard depends on where you look, several of the compani
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What does the Svalbard polar bear warning sign look like?

The Svalbard polar bear warning sign looks like a signpost, but with a polar bear on it. Some signs show how the polar bear is on a black background of a triangular signpost