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What is a modest person?

Answer . Modest basically means living within their means and not spending more than they have to a person that can do great things with little fan-fair and doesn't expect a pat on the back. Modest people are usually quiet, listen well to others, do good for others without expecting something i (MORE)

What is the antonymn of modest?

Answer . conceited. A rather 'restrained' answer . The antonyms for modest are: arrogant,overbearing,excessive,and showy. This is not a complete list of words for this question,by far.

What is the opposite of modest?

The opposite (for a person) would be immodest. To a great degree, it would be arrogant or boastful. The opposite of modest (for other uses) could be substantial or great ( a modest inheritance ). For a home, the opposite could be large, palatial, or opulent.

What is the definition of modest?

Not giving yourself a lot of attention and being selfless. Being humble to others and not being an attention seeking brat! Example: Someone says you're so smart because you earned a good score on a test. You say no, and that it wasn't that hard and you studied, etc. Therefore not giving yourself (MORE)

What are the synonyms?

A synonym is a word that means the same thing as another word. Think of "synonym, same."

What is a synonym for are?

The plural verb form "are" is a conjugation of to be and has no synonym. The "are" is also a rarely used unit of square measurement equal to 100 square meters (100 m 2 ). The typical use is the multiple "hectare" (100 ares or 10,000 square meters) which is roughly comparable in scale to the Engli (MORE)

What is a modest proposal about?

A Modest Proposal was a satire written in 1729 by Jonathan Swiftand published anonymously. The proposal sarcastically suggests thatIrish children, in order not to burden their parents and bepublicly beneficial, ought to be sold as food for the richer socialclasses. The essay was meant to bring atten (MORE)

What is a synonym?

A synonym is a word with the same meaning (or nearly the same) asanother word. For example, a synonym for boat is ship . Not all synonyms can be used in all contexts, becausewords have specific connotations. Synonyms are words that mean the same, or about the same, asanother word. Words having the (MORE)

What is a synonym for not?

English doesn't have any words which function the same way as not, but you can avoid using it, or substitute in other words which convey a negative. Examples: That does not make sense versus That is nonsense. I am not happy right now versus I am unhappy.

What are synonyms of is?

\nIs is a individually named transitive verb, so unless your looking to translate; there is none. exist

What is a synonym for with?

The prepositions don't have synonyms. There are several other ways you can phrase an expression that means "with" (depending on which meaning of "with" you have in mind; there are several), but you couldn't call them synonyms. Some examples: with (along with) - accompanying, escorting with (MORE)

Why there is synonyms?

A synonym is known as metonym and poecilonym. Words that are synonyms are said to be identical and affirm of being a synonym is called synonymy. Example of synonyms is the words begin and commence .

What is a synonym for if?

Synonyms for if are assuming, granting, in case, on condition that, provided, supposing, supportive, whenever, or whether.

What are the synonyms of do?

perform make execute carry out accomplish act achieve complete solve Some of these would work better in certain contexts, so do not substitute blindly.

What is a synonym for what?

According to the Thesaurus there are none. However, the meaning of what can be the similar to define. E.g. what color is her hair or define her hair color.

Is humility a synonym for modest?

Humility - synonyms = deference, humbleness, lowliness, meekness, modesty , self- absement, self-effacement, servility, shyness, unpretentiousness. Modest - synonyms = diffident, humble , inconspicuous, lowly, meek, plain, quiet, reserved, restrained, reticent, retiring, self-effacing, simple, un (MORE)

What does Modest mean?

It means the opposite of bragging for example- "I'm not that smart," Joe said. Bob replied, "Oh don't be modest!" See the related link for the dictionary definition.

What are synonyms of will?

aim, decision, inclination, desire, decree, intention, prerogative, urge, wish, yearning, hankering thesaurous: detemination, resolve, willpower, motivation, spirit, force, strength of character, self-control, command, want.... -hope this helps

What is modest mouse?

A groundbreaking alternative band, probably one of the most influential in the past twenty years.

What is a synonym for was?

According to the Thesaurus there are none. = "existed" works in some cases, Example; A bad odor was in the room A bad odor existed in the room.

Are there synonyms for is?

Normally one would not use, or need to use another word. However, if your sentence is "God is." then the alternative would be "God exists."

What is a synonym for out?

expelled tossed exempt absent antiquated away behind the times dead demode ended exhausted expired extinguished finished outside unacceptable unfashionable used

What is the synonym for is?

According to the Thesaurus there are none.. but it then gives you the synonyms for 'be'. be (verb) - breathe, exist, live, subsist

A sentence with modest?

Modest means when you don't brag. Examples:I was very modest to my friend, very truthful.

What is a synonym for is?

The identity verb "to be" does not have synonyms as such. ( he/she/it is = third person singular of to be ) However, for literary variety, verbs that can sometimes be used in its place are to exist , to continue, or to remain. Examples : "It is a fact." ("The fact exists.") "He i (MORE)

What is the Synonym for?

Synonyms are not "for" anything; they just happen. Sometimes we pick up a word from another language or create a new word because we didn't know the old one or the difference between two words gets worn away. And then we end up with words that mean the same, which are synonyms.

What is a synonym for in?

Synonyms for the prepositional adverb IN (within) can be amid, among, inside, or between. The adjective IN has the colloquial synonyms chic, modern, or fashionable. The noun IN can have the synonyms access, admission, or path.

What is a synonym for such as?

In some contexts, you can replace SUCH AS with "including" or "for example". The abbreviation often used is "e.g." (exempli gratia). Where appropriate, the adverbs especially, preferably, or notably might be used.

What is modest dress?

Something not too revealing. Something pretty. Not too low or too short. you should look you best at all times but in a way that is covering everything that should be covered.

Was Lenin modest?

Yes, Lenin was considered to be modest. Particularly with hisclaims about Russia. His main purpose was to improve the conditionsfor the working man.

Was booth modest?

John Wilkes Booth was not modest. He was a famous actor, and considered the handsomest man in America. He was also a southern sympathizer and a egomaniac.

Why is the modest proposal called modest?

Jonathan Swift's title is sarcastic, because "The Modest Proposal" is a satire of the conditions facing lower-class people in Ireland at the time it was written. His suggestion of eating children is outrageous; it is called "modest" sarcastically because the satire is meant to draw attention to the (MORE)

What is a modest Pokemon?

\nModest is one of 25 natures that Pokémon can have; each Pokémon has a nature, and each only has one. Which nature it has affects its stats slightly. Modest increases its Special Attack and decreases its Attack. \nIt also affects which type of berry a Pokémon likes; if you give your modest (MORE)

What is the synonym for get?

get thesaurus: obtain, acquire, dig up, get a hold, catch, develop, become, grow, progress, grasp, understand, comprehend, follow, perceive...

What is a synonym for will?

Synonyms for will (conscious act, choice) are volition, determination, persistence, and perseverance. Synonyms for a will (document) are testament or bequest. Synonyms for the verb to will (to an heir) are bequeath, confer, or leave. Synonyms for the verb will (make happen) are determine, c (MORE)

What is the synonym for about?

Related to. Regarding thesaurous: concerning, regarding, in relation to, on the subject of, on, with reference to, as regards, a propos, approximately, around, more or less, all but

What are the synonyms for after?

The synonym for after is later.It's as simple as that.If you dno't believe me then google it . if you don't know what google is then it's a search engine it basicly lets you look up items.

What are synonyms for out?

Synonyms can include absent (away, gone) antiquated (behind the times, dated, expired, finished, old-fashioned, old-hat, outmoded, passé, unfashionable), doused (extinguished) exhausted (finished, used up) impossible (ruled out), or unacceptable.

What are synonyms for about?

regarding, on, concerning, dealing with, referring to, relating to, as regards, near, around, adjacent, beside

What are synonyms for answer?

reply, explain, respond, resolve, react, return, retort, explanation, comeback, solution, resolution, remedy Answer has a few synonyms, 3 actually; rejoinder, response, and reply. If you need any synonyms in the future, you may refer to the link below.

Does a have a synonym?

Synonyms are used, usually, when speaking of adjectives or adverbs. Since "a" is an article, I don't see the case. Although other words can be used in saying the same thing, as in "an", or "one".

What is the synonym for you?

I, I myself, alter, alter ego, alterum, better self, ego, ethical self, he, her, herself, him, himself, inner man, inner self,it, me, my humble self, myself, number one, oneself, other self, ourselves, self, she, subconscious self,subliminal self, superego, them, themselves, they, yours truly, yours (MORE)

What synonym does your?

Your, the second-person possessive pronoun in English, hasonly synonyms dubbed archaic in the dictionary: thy, thine ."Thy hat is lovely." Drink to me only with thine eyes and I will pledge withmine... The Society of Friends, better known as Quakers, mostly spoke thisway until the middle (MORE)

Is modest a singular?

The word 'modest' is an adjective , a word used to describe anoun. Adjectives do not have singular and plural forms. Adjectives have degrees: modest, more modest, most modest.

How modest are Greeks?

Every nation consists of individuals who are on a spectrum from modest to arrogant, so it is impossible to know how modest they all are. However, you could judge your question on their approach to political situations and worldly circumstances.

Who is or was Modest Mussorgsky?

Modest Mussorgsky was a Russian composer. Modest Mussorgsky was an innovator of Russian music during the Romantic period. His works were inspired by Russian history and folklore.

What are synonyms for was?

I am not sure there are exact synonyms, although you can get close. "Was" is the simple past tense of the irregular verb "to be." I am in Boston (present); I was in New York (past). You can change to another past tense-- "I have been," or even further back, "I had been," or a while ago "I used to be (MORE)