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synthetic medicine is as opposed to herbal or other remedies, it means man made. the reason synthetic medicine became so popular was because it could be made consistantly, with the same product every time, where as with herbal remedies can vary.
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What is synthetic elements?

a synthetic element is not naturally found in the earth, they are handmade elements. OR elements that do not occur naturally and that are made in laboratories.

What is synthetic bacon?

It is fake bacon, it is made of other things than pig. Some is made  of wheat and soy proteins, and it doesn't shrink when cooked like  the real thing, but it is supposed to

Is Mohair synthetic?

  No it's not. It is produced using the hair from Angora goats. That can then be blended with other material such as cotton or silk to produce clothing or upholstery fabri

What is synthetical geography?

    what is the meaning of synthetical geography?      

What happens if your thyroid glands are removed and you take no synthetic thyroid medicine?

You can get what is known as Mexadema and it can lead to death as the thyroid controls metabolic functions. You must replace the thyroid hormones that your body is not now pr

What is synthetic camphor?

It is crystalline solid which can be derived from Alpha Pinene. There is various stage of reactions as Alpha Pinene to Camphene then Camphene to Iso Borneol and then IBA to Bo

What are medicines?

Medicines are drugs or other remedies designed to improve or restore health. Medicine is the science and art of healing. It encompasses a variety of health care practices evol

What are synthetic resources?

Synthetic resources are resources that are made and produced by man from naturally occurring sources some examples are metals and lab created precious stones as well.

What is synthetic protein?

A synthetic protein is a polymer of amino acids liked by peptide bonds as same as present in normal living cells but this protein is synthesized in vitro chemical reaction nor

What are synthetic materials?

Materials created by scientific processes, usually as substitutes for scarce or expensive natural materials. For example, nylon was developed as a substitute for silk (spun by
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What is in synthetic methadone?

There is no such thing.. Methadone IS synthetic to begin with. It is a man-made synthetic opiate made in the 30's or 40's in Germany for military purposes. There are 2 types o

What fabrics are not synthetic?

Examples are wool, cotton, flax. More specifically, materials, not fabrics, are natural or synthetic. Some synthetic materials are dacron, nylon, polyester, etc. Some natural
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What does synthetic means?