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When someone states that something has or may have tax implications, that simply means that it may affect the taxes you pay. It's generally used in reference to your federal income tax return filed with the IRS (& state tax return if your state has an income tax). If receiving a prize has tax implications, it would likely mean that you need to report the income on your federal tax return.
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What is the tax implications of a bare dominium?

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What are the implications of not paying taxes?

Penalties, fines, not receiving benefits (like social security, retirement, health & disability, etc) and of course, criminal record which may include jail time.

What are the tax implications of a lawsuit settlement. I heard there are no taxes but I find that hard to believe?

  It depends on what the payments are for.   Damages received for personal physical injury or physical sickness are NOT taxable.   Punitive damages ARE taxable.  

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