What is tectonic force?

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i think it is when two plates have pressure on both sides pushing them together and when the pressure gets overwhelming, the lighter one goes underneath the heavier one goes on top. these create volcano's and gysers.
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What are tectonic hazards?

Tectonic hazards are events caused by the Tectonic plates below the Earth's crust colliding with each other, moving against each other, moving apart or the oceanic less dense plate being subducted under the continental plate. For example, Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunami's. The most well known ts (MORE)

Where are the tectonic plates?

plates that shift under the surface of the earth on lava referring to the theory of plate tectonics Under all the 5 continents. You might think that there are 7 or 6 but there is a tectonic plate under both South America and North America, then on for Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceana and Antarctica

What is a tectonic plate?

Tectonic plates are segments of the Earth's lithosphere, the hardrocky outer shell composed of the crust and the uppermost mantle.This shell is divided by lines of faults, ridges of plate creation,and zones of plate destruction. All in all, there are roughly 75 major and minor tectonic plateswhich (MORE)

What is the tectonic cycle?

as the plates become heavier with mountains and such, they sink slowly into th mantle where there is enormous pressure. as th mantle burns th underside of th plate, th plate becomes lighter; allowing th mantles great heat output 2lift th plate again

What do tectonic plates do?

They float around on the earths crust, occasionally crashing / rubbing. This is the cause of earthquakes and mountain ranges.

What are tectonics?

Plate tectonics is the study of the large tectonic plates which float on the lithosphere, making up our crust.

What does tectonic mean?

The word 'tectonic' comes from the Greek word ' tekton ' which means 'builder'. Its typical meaning as an adjective ( what you find in a dictionary ) is; . 1. Geology Relating to, causing, or resulting from structural deformation of the earth's crust. 2. Architecture a. Relating to co (MORE)

What types of tectonic forces create mountains?

The type of tectonic forces that create mountains are called converging plates. As two continental plates push together, the stress forces them both upwards. Because of this the Himalayas are still growing.

Why are tectonics important?

Plate tectonics is the process in which the Earth drifts andcollides. They are important in forming mountains and formed thecontinents on Earth today.

What is a tectonic earthquake?

A tectonic earthquake is a result when there is a sudden release ofenergy in the Earthâ??s crust. This phenomenon can happen anywherein the world and could be very dangerous to the people.

What is a tectonic fault?

A Tectonic fault is where the different tectonic plates meet and it is a fault because one may be higger or thicker than the other.

What is a tectonic planet?

A tectonic planet is one that's forms or already has many tectonics or (plates). This means that that planet can have earthquakes, hurricanes or other disaters.

What if there were no tectonic plates?

if there were no tectonic plates, then the earth would be very boring. there wouldn't be any earthquakes, and there would be no volcanoes or mountains. hope this helps! Possibly no very advanced life would have emerged, since a boring landscape would give little incentive to evolution.

What is a tectonic hazard?

A Tectonic Hazard is caused where two plates meet, these plates are platforms of rock that move on the convewction currents created by the earths core; they are known as tectonic plates. Tectonic hazards are the most obvious in the form of volcanoes and earthquakes, however they can also be other ev (MORE)

What is tectonic convection?

Your probably referring to the magma convection currents within the mantle. Like normal heaing and cooling convection currents, the magma ebbs & flows, keeping the tectonic plates in motion.

What is tectonic stress?

Convergent plate boundaries are locations where lithospheric platesare moving towards one another which causes stress on the plates.The plate collisions that occur in these areas can produceearthquakes, volcanic activity and crustal deformation.

How does the force of gravity affect tectonic plates?

Gravitational sliding:Plate motion is driven by the higher elevation of plates at ocean ridges. As oceanic lithosphere is formed at spreading ridges from hot mantle material it gradually cools and thickens with age (and thus distance from the ridge).

What is tectonic creep?

Tectonic creep is the almost constant movement of certain fault blocks that allows strain energy to be released without causing major earthquakes.

What are the antonyms for tectonic?

The word tectonic comes from the Latin word " tectonicus " which means "building" in the sense of constructing something. As such antonyms would include words like demolition and destruction.

What types of tectonic forces create folded mountains?

Compressional stresses create fold mountains. This process is known as orogenesis which literally means mountain building. A current example of orogenesis is the convergence or collision of the Indian plate which is being driven north into the Eurasian plate and has formed the Himalayan mountain ch (MORE)

What two tectonic forces keep the earth the same size?

None. The Earth remains the same size because it does not lose or add material (except for meteorites, which are negligable. Tectonic forces move the -parts- of the Earth around, moving the water out of the way as needed, but nothing is added to or taken from the Earth's size.

Are Plate Tectonics a constructive force?

Plate Tectonics is a destructive force because it contributes to disintegration or the earth lithosphere,however this theory explain why earthquake and volcano occur. for further answers ask question to Ygoulbourne1212@yahoo.com

Is a hurricane tectonic?

No. Hurricanes are caused by atmospheric disturbances and warmocean water. Plate tectonics has to do with the movement of theEarth's crust.

What are tectonic plates and plate tectonics?

Tectonic plates are plates underneath the ground we stand on that help to form the structure of the earth, when two tectonic plates colide they create terrains such as mountains. they have also been known to cause some Tsunami's.

What is a tectonic plateboundery?

the earth crust is like a shell. and that shell is broken up much like a puzzle. each "puzzle piece" is called a tectonic plate. a TP boundary is just the line that separates 2 TPs. much like countries

What does tectonic plates do?

Tectonic plates are sections of the Earth's crust, which float on the mantle beneath the crust. You can see where plates end at fault lines, like the San Andreas fault line in the USA, These plates are constantly shifting, and if they collide, the shockwave can cause an earthquake and/or Tsunami

What does the company Tectonic do?

Various companies around the country use the name Tectonic. Tectonic Engineering & Surveying Consultants P.C. is a multi-disciplined engineering firm. Tectonic Theater Project is a company headquartered in New York City. Tectonic Solutions, Inc. is a software company in Kennesaw, GA.

What are tectonic movements?

Tectonic Plates are sections of the Earth's crust that are actuallyfloating on the surface of the semi-molten Magma.