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What is the One3?

im pretty sure its a gang of men, it stands for the number 13. I think their motto is "If you mess with us your luck will change." It's more of a respectful gang than anything

What is the observations?

The way to study things via others or getting the way to solve or studying the real situation from another.

What is the musalim?

First, if your saying Muslim, I can answer that. A Muslim, also canbe said as Moslem, is a person who follows the religion Islam aMonotheistic and Abrahamic religion based on

What is the kulumanati?

There is no such thing as Kulumanati. Did you mean the Illuminati? Illuminati is the plural of the Latin illuminatus, meaning "enlightened". The Illuminati refers to a nu

What is the C-Walk?

The C-Walk (short for Crip Walk) is a dance originated from the Crip Gang from Los Angeles, California in the 1970s.

What is the population?

June 2010: 6.80 Billion January 2011: 6.86 Billion June 2011: 6.92 Billion January 2012: 6.99 Billion June 2012: 7.04 Billion January 2013: 7.10 Billion June 2013:
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What is the apacolyspe?

the apocalypse is what happens when our entire existence is wiped completely out. no survivors.