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What is the 'participe passe' of 'avoir'?

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Answer #1 Eu Answer #2 The phrase 'participe passe' means past participle. In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'participe' means 'participle'. The adjective 'passe' means 'past'.
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How do you conjugate 'avoir' in French?

To conjugate the French verb 'avoir' means to take it through all of the voices, tenses, persons, and moods.   The voices are active or passive. In this case, an active con

Does etre in french take avoir or etre?

Etre takes avoir as the helping verb. An easy way to remember is that etre is always the helping verb with verbs of coming or going.

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What is the meaning of 'avoir'?

"To have" is the most common meaning of the French infinitive avoir. Specifically, avoir is an important verb to know in French. For example, it is one of two verbs -- along