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What is the 'participe passe' of 'avoir'?

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Answer #1 Eu Answer #2 The phrase 'participe passe' means past participle. In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'participe' means 'participle'. The adjective 'passe' means 'past'.
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What is the meaning of 'avoir'?

" To have " is the most common meaning of the French infinitive avoir . Specifically, avoir is an important verb to know in French. For example, it is one of two verbs -

What does 'Peut y avoir' mean?

The question 'Peut y avoir' means Is it allowed [possible, O.K., etc.] to have ... . In the word-by-word translation, the verb 'peut' means '[he/she/it] can'. The adverb 'y

What are the Conjugation of avoir in french?

  Present indicative forms:   J'ai (I have) Nous avons (We have)   Tu as (You have) Vous avez (You [formal], y'all have)   Il/Ell

How do you conjugate avoir?

  Présent   j'ai tu as il a nous avons vous avez ils ont   Passé composé   j'ai eu tu as eu il a eu nous avons eu vous avez eu ils ont eu   Impa

What are the Answers for Verbes with Dr and Mrs Vandertramp how do I conjugate them and what are the answers for le passe compose avec les verbes avoir et etre?

D: Descendre (descendu) R: Rester (resté) M: Monter (monté) R: Rentrer (rentré) S: Sortir (sorti) V: Venir (venu) A: Aller (allé) N: Naître (ne) D: Deveni