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When we refer to the solar system we mean our sun and the bodies that are gravitationally bound to it. There are eight planets at varying distances from the sun. In order of increasing distance they are; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Most have moons.
In addition to these there are several minor planets, countless asteroids and occasional comets which may or may not remain a part of the solar system.
Earth is the third planet from the sun and, so far, the only place we know of where life exists.
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Why is the earth part of the solar system?

When Earth was created, it was sucked into the Sun's gravitational field like the other 7 planets. That is why it revolves around the Sun.

What rank is earth in the solar system?

Ranked by what property? By abundance of life, it's number 1 by infinity percent, with everything else tied for second with 0 (as far as we know). By mass, it's 5th among the

How big is the earth in the solar system?

Earth is the sixth-largest known object in our Solar system, preceded by Neptune and proceeded by Venus. Its mean radius is about 6,370 kilometers, its volume is about 1,083.2

What is the position of the earth in the solar system?

Well, the basic position of Earth in our solar system is the third planet out from the Sun and it is in the group of the planets known as the 'inner planets' as they are close

The importance of earth in the solar system?

Earth is the most important planet in our solar system (to us anyway), as it is the only one where conditions are perfect enough to sustain life.

Where is Earth located in the solar system?

Earth is the third planet from our sun in the Solar System after Mercury and Venus. Following Earth is the Asteroid Belt, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

How does the solar system fit into the universe?

Well, when we first left Mars in 1846 to transition to our new life on Earth, we created the best known creation to all of mankind, Reddit.com. This extension of our love for

How is the earth different in the solar system?

So far, we have only found out that Earth is the only Planet in our solar system with life on because it is the only one that has water and all life (that we have found) need

What solar system is planet earth?

  The Earth is part of the star system Sol; which is another word for the Sun. Therefor eit is in the Solar System. Technically it is incorect to call the planets of oth

How does the earth sun and moon fit into the whole solar system galaxy and the universe?

The natural satellite called Luna or Moon orbits the Earth, a planet in the Solar (Sol is the name of our star) system. The 8 planets with their moons, and planetesimals and a