What is the 'zero hour' Indian parliament?

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In 'Zero Hour' members can raise questions without prior notice to the Chairman.

Normally if you have to raise a question in parliament, it has to be pre-informed and tabled. In zero hour, you are free to bring up any issue of public interest without prior notice.
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How can Indian parliament made at home?

Answer . Indian parliament is the form of government of India. It is not a form of arts and crafts, and cannot be made at home. If you mean Indian Parchment, which is a process of using animal skins to make paper, called parchment. for detailed instructions on how to make your own parchment, se (MORE)

What is the name of Indian Parliament?

\n. \n Answer \nThe name of the parliament of India is SANSAD.\nThere are two houses of Parliment in India - the Rajya Sabha (Council of States) and the Lok Sabha (House of the People).

What is Broadcasted During Zero Hour?

The Zero Hour was a radio program produced by the Japanese duringWorld War II. The Japanese made Allied POWs read the latest news onthe air, and then forced them to make appeals to fellow alliedsoldiers to surrender.

What American Indian used the number zero?

Jim Thorpe, a member of the Sac and Fox tribe of Oklahoma, wore thenumber 0. He began his athletic career at Carlisle Indian School inPennsylvania. His first coach was Pop Warner. He was successful intrack and field, football, baseball, lacrosse and even ballroomdancing.

What are the various terms of Indian Parliament and its functions?

Some of the Parliamentary terms are listed below: Question Hour: The day's business normally begins with the Question Hour during which questions asked by the members are answered by the Ministers. The different types of questions are: . Starred Question: is one for which an oral answer is (MORE)

Who invented zero Indians or Egyptians?

Egyptians!!!. The concept of zero was invented by the ancient Indians, google 'Shunya'. Also the modern decimal system was invented in ancient India, and passed along to the west by Arabs.

Who is Chairman of the Upper House of the Indian Parliament?

The upper house of the Indian Parliament, which is known as the Rajya Sabha, has been headed since 2007 by Chairman Mohammad Hamid Ansari , an Independent. A link can be found below. It will take you to the Wikipedia post on the Parliament of India.

What is zero hour?

"Zero hour" is the moment when something is going to happen. If youpicture an old-fashioned clock, imagine that the 12 is both 12 and0 - both the beginning and the end of the time period. When theclock hands get to the 12, it starts over, so it's "zero hour."

Who is the present speaker of the Indian parliament?

There is no common Speaker for Indian Parliament. Indian Parliament has two Houses; Rajya Sabha or Upper House or Council of States and Lok Sabha or Lower House or House of the People. Speaker of Lok Sabha is Ms. Meira Kumar [since 3 rd June 2009]. The Ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha is Vice Pre (MORE)

What is zero hour in parliament?

when matter of utmost importantce are raised,such important issues r raised in zero hour -----shireesh.hyderabad Actually, normally if you have to raise a question in parliament, it has to be pre-informed and tabled. In zero hour, you are free to bring up any issue of public interest without pr (MORE)

What is Question Hour in Indian Parliament?

Generally, the first hour of a sitting of the Lok Sabha is devoted to Questions and that hour is called the Question Hour. It is during the Question Hour that the members can ask questions on every aspect of administration and governmental activity. Government policies in the national as well as int (MORE)

Command and conquer zero hour cheats?

Cheat: Crude Detector This will only work in skirmish and LAN or internet play. Build a barracks, war factory or airfield. Select one of them and click on the 'rally point' button. Now guess where your opponent is on the map and click on certain spots in his/her base. when it says 'unable to set r (MORE)

Who calls the joint session of Indian Parliament?

Joint session of indian parliament can be called by the president, if: . A bill passed by one house is rejected by other. . The amendments made by the other house are not acceptable to the house where the bill originated. . A bill remains pending un-passed for more than 6 months. Joint session (MORE)

What is the explanation for the composition of the Indian parliament?

The Parliament of India is the supreme legislative body in India. It was founded in 1921. The Parliament comprises the President of India and the two Houses- Lok Sabha (House of the People) and Rajya Sabha (Council of States). The President has the power to summon and prorogue either House (MORE)

What are the functions and powers of Indian Parliament?

The cardinal functions of the Legislature include overseeing of administration, passing of budget, ventilation of public grievances, and discussing various subjects like development plans, international relations, and national policies. The Parliament can, under certain circumstances, assume legisla (MORE)

Is Indian Parliament losing its importance?

yes,and can be further understand with the help of the given points:- 1.dissatisfaction among common man towards the parliament 2.non working of parliament according to the hopes of common man

What is the duration of zero hour in lok sabha?

Zero hour is that period in the parliament when it is in the session when the important matters of the house are discussed. This,however,should not be confused with the question hour which is essentially the time where the MP's raise questions regarding any administrative activity. while the questio (MORE)

What languages are used in Indian Parliament?

The Constitution declares Hindi and English as the languages for conducting the business of the House.However, Article 120 allows the presiding officer to allow members to use their mother tongue if they are not prificient in Hindi of English. Article 120 (1) Notwithstanding anything in Part XVII, (MORE)

What is cut motion in Indian parliament?

Cut motion is a veto power given to the members of the Lok Sabha to oppose a demand in the financial bill discussed by the government. This can turn into an effective tool to test the strength of the government. If a cut motion is adopted by the House and the government does not have the numbers, it (MORE)

What is Public Accounts Committee of Indian Parliament?

Public Accounts Committee [PAC] is a Parliamentary Standing Committee. This Financial Committee consists of not more than 22 members comprising 15 members elected by Lok Sabha every year from amongst its members according to the principle of proportional representation by means of single transferabl (MORE)

How many houses do the Indian parliament has?

Indian Parliament has two Houses namely Upper House and Lower House. Upper House is also called Rajya Sabha or Council of States. On the other hand, Lower House is also called Lok Sabha or House of the People.

Are Question Hour and Zero hour same?

No! Question Hour & Zero Hour are not the same in terms of the Indian Parliament. The houses (Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha) have a designated window in a day when MPs can raise questions to the concerned ministers. These questions have to be submitted well in advance and ministers are notified about thes (MORE)

What is an adjournment motion in Indian Parliament?

motion for an adjournment of the business of the house for the purpose of discussing a definite matter of urgent public importance may be made with the consent of the speaker.it is followed only in the lok sabha.

What are different parts in the indian parliament session?

Parliament has three sessions in each year. They are: . Budget session: 20-35 days in the months of February to May. . Monsoon session: 20-35 days in the months of July to August.. Winter session: 20-34 days in the months of November to December.

What is zero hour in the lok sabha?

Zero Hour follows Question Hour and it generally begins at noon. Usually, this time is used by the members to raise various issues for discussion.

What is Point of Order in Indian Parliament?

A Point of Order is a point relating to the interpretation or enforcement of the Rules of Procedure or such articles of the Constitution as regulate the business of the House and submitted to the decision of the Chair. Rule 258 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Rajya Sabha makes a (MORE)

What is the age of Indian Parliament house?

The question is a bit ambiguous. I shall try to answer both that I understand. The building was completed in 1927 and initially held meetings under British rule. After 1947, when India gained independence, it held meetings of the Constituent assembly. In 1952, India beca,me a republic and since the (MORE)

What is a zero-hour contract?

A zero-hour contract is a contract of employment which creates anon-call arrangement where the employee agrees to be available forwork as and when required.