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Biology-study of all the living organisms.
Botany-study of plants
Zoology-study of animals
mathematics-numerical study
microbology-deals with micro prganisms
human biology-complete study of human systems
environmental sciences-study of environment, ecology
forencic sciences-crime biology
paleontology-fossils study
Biogeography-distribution of the living beings
genetics-heridity study
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Give at least 10 branches of science?

Anthropology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Geology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Ecology, Entymology, Genetics, Biophysics, Biochemistry,

What are 10 branches of science and their meaning?

Physics: the science which attempts to describe the basic rules which govern matter, energy, space, and time. Chemistry: the science which describes the behavior of specific s

Give the different branches of science and their meaning?

  Mathematics:   It is as if mathematics were the vegetables of the academic dinner: Everyone knows that they are good for you, but no one forces you to eat them. --

Give 10 branches of biological science and meaning?

There are ten branches of biological science. They are as follows:  Anatomy and Physiology- the study of form and function, zoology-  study of animals, invertebrate zoology-

Enumerate the different branches of science give meaning?

There are so many different branches of science. Some of them  include ecology which deals with how organism interact. anatomy  which studies the structure of living things,

10 branches of physical sciences with their meanings?

chemistry-the study of matter physics-relationship between matter and energy geology-is the science comprising the study of solid earth Aerodynamics- Motion of air and its int

10 branches of earth science and their meaning?

1.Geology - study of the solid matter that makes up the earth, its  origin, composition, structure and history. it is divided into  several branches:   a. mineralogy - s

Give The 10 branches of biological science?

There are more than 10 branches of biological science. Ten of those  branches are botany, zoology, neuroscience, genetics, physiology,  microbiology, ecology, cellular biolo
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What are two major branches of science and give its meaning?

Biology is the study of living things. This includes animals, cells and nature amongst the thousands of things that can be studied under biology. Chemistry is the science of m