What is the 45 cal 2 shot derringer worth?

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50-300 USD or so
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What would a German 22 cal 8 shot pistol be worth?

Answer . Most German .22 revolvers found in the US are inexpensive guns that are no longer imported. If so, probably about $20-$50. But since you didn't give a manufacturer's name or model, it could be something better.

What is the value of an American Arms 22 caliber blue 2 shot derringer?

Answer Value of .22 cal derringer . There is a Blue Book of Handguns that should give you a start. But the "value" depends a great deal on the condition the piece is in. What is the serial number? Is it in the original box? There is an American Derringer website and you can probably floa (MORE)

Can you tell me what the value of this derringer ex-cam mod ta 38 cal 38 spec 2 shot plastic hande grips l93865 stamped on the gun is?

Answer . The L93865 is the serial number. These small derringers, along with FIE, Uberti, Rohm GmbH, EIG, and other European copies are styled after the Remington model 95 41 rim fire. Since the ammo is pretty scarce for the Remingtons, these were generally chambered for 22 LR and 38 Spl. T (MORE)

What is a rossi 22 derringer 618U worth?


What is a rohm sontheimbrenz German derringer worth?

I have a black one of these in .38 special and was recently searching the internet and came across some results from an auction house that sold a black one for $250. There is currently an auction on Gunbroker.com (8/19/08) for a chrome one and the guy is asking between $195 and $250. Hope this helps (MORE)

How much is a .45 cal. Wilson combat pistol worth?

Eh, it really depends with the model, but the price range is from 2300 - 4500 for pistols. Keep in mind that Wilson Combat is one of the finest Custom 1911 shops, and all pistols will get 6 MOA or better.. I would like to add to the previous answer. While any new firearms value can differ based on (MORE)

Did browning make a 14 shot 45 cal pistol?

Not to the best of my knowledge.. John M. Browning designed the 1905 Colt .45 automatic pistol which was redesigned and accepted by the US Army in 1911 for service and continues to be manufactured by several companies in essentially the same configuration today. It's original design provided for a (MORE)

How much is a fmj 45 cal 410 ga derringer worth?

The 29th Edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values says on page 732 "Previous manufacturer located in Copperhill Tennessee until circa 1998. Little information is available regarding FMJ firearms (including short barreled derringers and pistols) except they were inexpensive shooters and have little col (MORE)

What is a Thompson center 45 cal black powder pistol worth new?

Depending on the model, Patriots go from (msrp in the 80's 200 to 250) 300 up in .45 cal and 400 up in .36 cal. and scout pistols (MSRP in the late 80's early 90's 275 to 300) go around 250- 300 depending on caliber .50 is common, .45 and .54 are harder to find. check out www.gunbroker.com and searc (MORE)

Why was the 45 cal rifle used in World War 2?

The .45 Thompson sub-machine gun and M3 sub machine gun (grease gun) were used in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam War.. A sub-machine gun is called a SUB machine gun because it uses "pistol" ammunition.. The M3 sub-machinegun looked exactly like a grease gun; hence the name.

1865 Remington Derringer chrome 45 cal with ammo in ok condition want to sell What is a approx value?

Remington NEVER made a 45 cal derringer, only 41 rimfire. Chrome wasn't invented until much later and Nickel not until late 1860's and didn't hit Remington's until the early 1870's. There are over 10 variations/types/models of the Model 95 (Double Derringer) not only is it greatly determined by c (MORE)

What is a Remington 1866 Derringer 6394 worth?

Depends on (real) type and condition, condition, and condition. I assume you mean a double derringer (model 95)? Where did 1866 come from? A type I model 1 couldn't have a serial that high. (and that's the only one made in 1866) A type I model 2 doesn't have a serial no but a batch no A (MORE)

Does a 22 cal derringer have a safety?

I'm afraid that is like asking, "Does a car have a tape player?" It depends on the make and model. Personally, I have a Colt .22 Model 3 derringer and it does NOT have a safety. But, I cannot speak to the many other makes and models.

What is the derringer 2 shot 22 cai made by Davis worth?

Without more of a description, you are looking at 5-50 USD. Davis made many of these derringers. Never expensive to begin with. You might be in the 100 USD range if it was NIB and differed from the run of the mill ones by finish, etc..

Derringer 22 CAL 2 shot made by DAVIS model D-22 CAL-22 LR WORTH?

it has very little value. They were very cheap when new back in the 80's and they are of rather low quality. Having said that, it's better than nothing and it's better than some of hte cheap handguns being made today. Value to me $20 Value to some one who just wants a small gun to have around $50 t (MORE)

How much is a 45 cal Spain black powder kentuckey worth?

They sell in the $100 to 150 range depending on condition. If you want a more exact value, try searching the on line auctions like gun broker and auction arms, compare yours to what is selling and for how much. Umm... I really dont understand what you are asking. Please help me with this however an (MORE)

Antique derringer 45 cal from Ducktown Tn?

Almost certainly NOT an antique. Made by Leinad Inc. in Ducktown , TN. They also made a side by side .410/.45 derringer. I have one and it is very impressive to shoot.

Derringer 45 cal made in Spain?

I have a Derringer Philadelphia dikar Spain 45 cal. ser.# 035347 in realley good shape. I want to know what it is worth. at drballard@clearwire.net

What ammo do you shoot through the 45 cal derringer?

The same 45 cal. ammo used in the 45 cal. revolver. This can get confusing, there are very different cartridges that are '.45'. In semi-automatic pistol the most common is .45 ACP. The ACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol, that is the company that developed the cartridge. But for revolvers, you wo (MORE)

What is a Smith and Wesson model 45 in 22 cal post war worth?

I own a pre-model 45 22 cal with a 6" barrel. It is in about 85% condition with an excellent bore. I paid $1200 for it in 2012. Most of these guns were for the US Post Office and not many have survived. The more common barrel length is 4". One in 'as new" condition should be worth in excess of $30 (MORE)

How much is an 1884 45 cal. colt revolver worth?

You are not holding it close enough to the computer for me to tell. Seriously, value will depend on EXACT model and condition. It may be $100, or several thousand. It WILL need a "hands on" appraisal from someone that knows old Colt handguns. In the meantime, please DO NOT "clean it up". What you m (MORE)

How reliable is a Davis 2 shot derringer?

The action is very simple, so there really isn't much to go wrong there. The build quality and quality of materials used is a bit crap, though, so breakage is a potential issue to be worried about.

How do you get parts for butler 22 cal derringer?

If the problem is nothing more than having to double strike the cartridge with the hammer to get the pistol to discharge the .22 cartridge, that is a really easy fix for any competent welder or gunsmith: you merely add metal to the hammer and then file or grind it down to the original shape--the ide (MORE)

How can you tell what model Remington 41 cal derringer you have?

By the location of the writing as well as the writing and even why font is used. Writing on sides, what does it say, writing on top, one like or two lines, which type of writing slant line, short line, etc, does it have UMC in the works, does it have ribs (monoblock or not), that's the only one wi (MORE)

How much is a 1884 Winchester 45-90 cal worth?

Almost all old winchesters have great collectable value.I for one would have your firearm appraised by a pro.the 45-90 caliber is really hot at this time.You should mean a win. model 1886 correct?.That was the first rifle to handle the much longer and powerful cartridge like the 45-90.

What year was a Remington 41 cal derringer no 162 made?

Depends on the model, type, and variation. There's three models, 5 types, and ?15 variations (have to count) Additionally in some of these it wasn't even a serial number but a batch number since they started at 1 went to 9999 and then started back over again at 1. Really the best you can do with (MORE)

What is the price for a FMJ dd cal 45 - 410 double barrel derringer?

The 29th Edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values says on page 732 "Previous manufacturer located in Copperhill Tennessee until circa 1998. Little information is available regarding FMJ firearms (including short barreled derringers and pistols) except they were inexpensive shooters and have little col (MORE)

What is 2 point shot worth?

A 2 point shot in basketball is worth only two points. As long as the player shoots and makes the basket within the three point parameter, they are given two points for the shot.