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What is the 770 account?

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What is the 770 account?
Information about the 770 account is not entirely clear, but it has to do with insurance called whole life.

The idea of the 770 account (also known as the President's account) was introduced by Tom Dyson, a publisher at Common Sense Publishing, in the Palm Beach Letter. According to Dyson, there is a secret type of bank account that has been used by very wealthy people over several generations, including several US Presidents. Apparently, it is a secret alternative to the known stock market, which functions similarly to life insurance.

This 770 Account is code-speak for a specially designed Financial Instrument revealed by Nelson Nash called The Infinite Banking Concept.

It actually uses a specially designed Permanent Life Insurance policy with a Paid Up Additions Rider that essentially does turn you into your own bank where you can finance all of your own purchases and pay the interest back to yourself through these specially designed policies.
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How do you set up a 770 account?

A 770 account isn't a bank account. It is a life insurance policy. You would talk to an insurance agent or financial advisor to help you set one up. You can withdraw money fro

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