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AM Best is an independent financial rating agency that judges and grades a company on their financial solidity. Basically this rating is their probability of being able to pay a claim. There are other rating agencies so when checking out a company be sure to check all of them. Moodys, AM Best, Fitch, S&P (standard and poors).
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What company provides the best texas mortgage rates?

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How is American Commerce Insurance company rated with Best?

A+ (superior), The AM Best's highest rating is A++ (superior). As an example State Farm is A++ with some of their sub companies, but A+ on others. This is a mall company in

What is a AM Best rate AX for an insurance company?

There is no such rating given by A.M.Best Company. They have an A+, A, A-, etc. but no Ax rating. You can look up ratings yourself at there website. As a matter of full disclo

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