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Bermuda A small group if islands in the Atlantic off the Carolina coast, British Colony, a popular resort
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What is Bermuda?

Bermuda is an of island in the Atlantic Ocean, it lies about 570 miles southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. It is about 21 square miles.. It is a beautiful island and

What is the Bermuda triangel?

The bermuder triandle is a magnatic force that is so strong that ittakes everything that goes in its area aircraft,boats even peoplebutts

What is the Bermuda lucky stone?

The Bermuda lucky stone is four-color dyed stone with the varyingcolors meant to represent certain traits. This stone can becustom-made or found at various jewelry stores.

What is the Bermuda triangle's biggest mystery?

According to reporters, too many airmen and ships have gone missing in the area to be mere *accidents or operator errors, weather causes". etc. and that something deeper is in

What is the Bermuda food?

As aBermudian i can tell you that our cuisine is a mix of Jamaican food, food from the West Indies and other countries in the Caribbean with our own unique twist. We also eat

What is the Bermuda triangle crystal?

Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle Crystal relates one incredible story about a discovery made by Dr. Ray Brown in 1970 while scuba diving near the Bari Islands in the Bahamas

What is the Bermuda triange?

The Bermuda Triangle is a made of three island. It is said that ships and planes that go through it vanish unexpectedly.Never to be seen again.

What is the Bermuda Triangle capable of?

There is a legend that whoever flies in the zone of the Bermuda Triangle disappears forever. This has happened to people who flew in this area, but it hasn't been proved if

What is the Bermuda triangle and What is it defined by?

The Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary area drawn on a map by the authors of two books published in 1974, 'The Bermuda Triangle' by Charles Berlits and 'The Devil's Triangle' by
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What is the Bermuda triangle made out of?

The Bermuda triangle isn't made out of anything. It is a geographical area in the Atlantic Ocean where boats and planes have mysteriously disappeared.
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What is the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is a large section of sea in the Atlanticocean where planes and boats have mysteriously sunk or gonemissing. No one knows why even today. Another opinion:
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What is the Bermuda Trianle?

ou won't find it on any official map and you won't know when you cross the line, but according to some people, the Bermuda Triangle is a very real place where dozen of ships,