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big five is a sporting goods store
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What are the big five game animals?

Lion, African elephant, African Buffalo, Rhino and Leopard. It refers to the most difficult animals to hunt on foot. Lion: considered the best of the big 5, are unpredictabl

Why is the big five called the big five?

The big five was originally named as the five most African animals hunted for sport. Now days has more to do with the animals you see on safari being Lion, Buffalo, Elephant,

What are the Big Five?

The big five African animals are lions, leopards, black rhinos, African elephants and Cape buffalo

Why big five called the big five?

Because they are the biggest/most charismatic species in Africa. And five makes an easy enough list to remember, you can count themoff on your fingers. It might just as well h
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What is the big five in the eurovision?

There isn't a "Big five" as such, however, the same names creep up every year. Sweden,Estonia,Finland,Denmark,Ukraine
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How big is five sixteenths of a millimeter?

This is simply getting a fraction of 1 and thenconverting to microns if you wish. 1/16, *5 is 0.3125 millimetres.This is 312.5 microns.