What is the Canadian way of spelling color?

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In Canada either version of the word "color" can be generally used and accepted. The most commonly used is colour which is the official spelling.

The same applies to the official Canadian English spellings for armour, labour, behaviour, flavour, favour, favourite, honour, harbour, rumour, saviour, and savour.

Because of the US influence, words like airplane, tire, and aluminum, and endings like -ize or -yze are used in the American way like "authorize" and "paralyze" instead of the British way "authorise" and paralyse."

Also words with words ending with 'L' are either doubled with suffixes (the UK way) while other words have a single 'L' that is doubled in US English.

Traveling = Travelling
Traveled = Travelled

Canceled = Cancelled
Canceling = Cancelling

Enroll = Enrol, Enrolment, Enrolling

Fulfill = Fulfil, Fulfilment, Fulfilling

For a website with all the British, Canadian, and American spellings, see the related link listed below.
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How do you spell multicolour in the Canadian way?

Those employing the British/Australian protocol use MULTICOLOURED, while those using the American spelling use MULTICOLORED.

How do you spell Canadian?

You spell Canadian exactly the same way in which you spelled it in the question, as Canadian .

How do you spell color in Canadian English?

The preferred spelling is "colour," from the French "couleur." Unfortunately, the bastardized US spelling "color" is becoming all too popular.

Is color spelled color or color?

It depends on where you are living if color is spelled O R or O U R. If you live in the United States, you would spell color with an O R; however, if you lived in the United K

What is the Canadian way of spelling honor?

It is "honour" which is the UK/Commonwealth form. The US spelling is honor .

How many ways can you spell the color blue?

The English spelling is always blue except that some types of cheese (such as Roquefort) are sold using the French spelling as " bleu cheese." The homophone (sound-alike w