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What is the Chinese symbol for friendship?

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It's actually two symbols. 友 (friend) and 情 (emotion). You combine them to get 友情, or friendship.
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What is the symbol for friendship?

To the human eye, the friendship symbol is two pieces of somethingtwisted together. Some people consider yellow roses as the symbolof friendship.

The Japanese and Chinese symbols for friendship each one comes up with two symbols do both together mean friendship or does each symbol represent friendship?

well think you just should ask the friewnd to come with you and ask them if they can take a lieing scan I have personally studied Japanese and Chinese Calligraphy. Each charac

What Tattoo Symbolizes Friendship?

1. Lapis Lazuli 2. The Claddagh - (Hands (Friendship) Holding A Heart (Love) With A Crown (Loyalty)) 3. Arrows Of Friendship 4. Jade Plant 5. Yellow Rose 6. Rhodonite 7. Chry

What symbolizes friendship?

Friendship is symbolized by how friends help each other. If your friend is not hanging out with you often that means that they are probably separating from you and growing up.

What flower symbolizes friendship?

well you probably know this already but rose symbolizes love, romance and could symbolic friendship i found out that yellow rose means friends, pink rose means best friends or