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First of all as we know the CPU comprises of The Registers,The ALU Unit and the Control Unit.Processing of the data is done in CPU Registers (an area or a memory where processing takes place).

M.J.Flynn suggested these architectures for enhancing the computational speed of the computer:
1. Single Instruction Single Data (SISD):
Single instruction is performed on a single set of data in a sequential form.Most of our computers today are based on this architecture.Von Neumann fits into this category.Data is executed in a sequential fashion (one by one).

2. Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD):
Single Instruction is performed on multiple data.A good example is the 'For' loop statement.Over here instruction is the same but the data stream is different.

3. Multiple Instruction Single Data (MISD):
Over here N no. of processors are working on different set of instruction on the same set of data.There is no commercial computer of this kind also these are used in Space Shuttle controlling computer (all the buttons you must have noticed in the control center).

4. Multiple Instruction Multiple Data (MIMD):
Over here there is an interaction of N no. of processors on a same data stream shared by all processors.Now over here if you have noticed a lot of computers connected to each other and when they perform a task on the same data (data is then shared).If the processing is high it is called Tightly Coupled and Loosely Coupled vice-versa.Most Multiprocessor fit into this category.
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