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Answer #1 French, I guess. Answer #2 The French language may be known as the language of the Academie Francaise, which defines the standards of correct, educated French. It may be known as the language of the arts, due to the dance discipline of ballet. It may be known as the language of colonialism and conquest, due to French settlements on the African, American and Asian continents; and on Caribbean and Pacific islands. At the same time, it may be known as the language of diplomacy, government, and politics due to the historic support of the French to the revolutions in the United States of America, and in France. It may be known as the language of education and research due to its famous universities, such as the Sorbonne of Paris and the Universite d'Aix-en-Provence; and to its inquiring tradition that led to the deciphering of the hieroglyphics of ancient, pharaonic Egypt. It may be known as the language of entertainment due to French involvement in film, music, and theater. It may be known as the language of expression and romance, due to the charm of its cityscapes and countrysides. It may be known as the language of fine dining, due to French cheese, desserts, drinks, and fish and meat dishes. It may be known as the language of the medieval troubadours, who were the traveling singers of the Middle Ages. It may be known as the language of science and technology, due to the respective contributions of Pierre [May 15, 1859-April 19, 1906] and Maria Sklodowska [November 7, 1867-July 4, 1934] Curie and of Louis Pasteur [December 27, 1822-September 28, 1895] to radiation and to pasteurization.
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Why HTML is known as markup language?

Answer . To "mark up" means to determine the look and structure of a text (font type, size, color). The transition to a "programming language" is theoretically fluent - but generally a markup language is to determine how things look, and a programming language is to determine how things react to user actions. When websites are "interactive" - for example, if they contain games, or movable sub-windows or small text-editors - this is realized not with HTML, but with Javascript or Flash or Java, which are separate formats that can be integrated in HTML. They themselves are programming languages, HTML is not. .

Where can you get a French Sign Language book?

Not sure about the book, but you can get free French signs by going to:. http://ufr6.univ-paris8.fr/desshandi/supl/projets/site_lsf/dico_lsf/thematique.php. or. http://www.websourd.org

How do you learn the french language fast?

There are a number of fast courses you can take. In addition to those, on order to learn the language faster, it's a good idea to:. read books (that you already know in English) . watch French films -- in the original language, and, after a while, without subs as well . listen to the radio in French . work daily without fail; half an hour minimum; . practice writing short sentences; . find someone to talk to to improve your grasp of the language . A big no-no: chat rooms -- they're full of teenagers who haven't the slightest clue as to how to spell correctly. You can learn some slang from them, but not the French language. Learning a language isn't the same for everyone. Some need to put a lot of effort into it, and to others it's a lot easier. There is no magic recipe. Except the three P's: practice, practice, practice.

Why is French the language of love?

When I took French in high school, I recall the teacher telling us, No wonder it's called the language of love. Many of the pronunciations require you to pucker your lips, which would in a sense be like kissing.. Answer 2: . I'm French so I dont know but I have friends English speaker who told me that it's the nasal vowels that sound very nice to them, the pronunciation is romantic, the intonation is very pleasing too, a very 'lippy' language. Meaning that you really have to stick your lips out to make the right sounds. And an unique way of expressing love . Visit France then you'll know why, You'll find lots of love there. ( Je t'aime! Je t'aime! )

If French is the language of love what is German the language of?

German is consider to be the language of science.. Some also claim that it is the language that poetry is best expressed.. And Germans call it the language of poets and thinkers.. Where as French is considered to be a Romantic language; German is considered to be a Gothic language.

What is the first known language that was spoken?

It is impossible to say exactly what is the first known language.. The first well-documented languages were: 1. ASIA- Sumerian cuneiform, South Mesopotamia (Iraq) in the 5th millennium B.C. , and Chinese ideograms, 4th millennium B.C. 2. AFRICA- Aegyptian hieroglyphs ,4th-3th millennium B.C. 3. EUROPE- Indo-Aryan or Indo-European language, i.e. an unrecorded prehistoric language from which nearly all European languages are descended , c.2500 B.C.

What was the first known written language?

The first formal system of writing was possibly cuneiform developed by the Sumerians in the 4th millennium BC. The Sumerians probably further developed a still earlier, but less formal system of writing.

What is French language in French?

La langue française (because the word "language" is feminine). Française is the feminine form, and if you're describing a masculine noun, the adjective would be français , without the "e". If you simply want to say "I speak French", you would say "Je parle français". If you are a male, "I am French" would be "Je suis français". For a female, "Je suis français e ". (Notice that in French, adjectives referring to nationality are NOT capitalized as they are in English).

What is 'your' in the French language?

There are 3 different ways of saying 'your' in French:. . If the object (not person) you're talking about is masculine, you say 'ton'. For example, "J'aime ton livre" (I like your book). It doesn't matter whether the person you're talking to it male or female, it only depends on the object.. . If the object (not person) you're talking about is feminine, you say 'ta'. For example, "J'aime ta maison" (I like your house). 'maison' is feminine and therefore you say 'ta'. . If the object you are talking about is plural (there is more than one of it/them), you say 'tes'. For example, "J'aime tes cheveux" (I like your hair).

How do you say French in the language of French?

français(e) ------------------------- français (masculine) française (feminine) in french you pronounce words differently depending on if you're a boy or girl or speaking to a group of people

Is French a language?

yes it surely is! It is spoken in the country France, located in Europe. I(sgm3) actually speak it quite fluently as well as Spanish.

What known language was first spoken?

It's a hard question to answer. We probably can't tell what the first spoken language was, but it is likely that some form of language existed among humans before they migrated out of Africa. The earliest known written language is Sumerian.

Is french a common language?

French is the seventh most spoken language in the world with approximately 265-270 million speakers worldwide. According to a project led by the a French research project, in 2050 approximately seventy percent of the world will understand, if not speak, French.

Kiss me in French language?

The translation of " kiss me" in French is: " Emrasser Moi". I know so because I have a kit to learn French and it comes with 2 CDs, and a book to follow along.

Can i get a job with diploma in french language?

Of course. With a diploma of French language, a foreigner can easily get a job in China as a foreign language teacher. What's more, with the development of the cooperative relationship of China-Africa, there is a great demand for the teachers in university for those students who want to make big money in Africa. Whether you enter a university or a vocational school, you can find a job.

Why does togo need french language?

Togo was one of the African countries that some time in the past were invaded and then dominated (in this case, as a part of "Golden Coast", in Western Africa) by French (first by Germans), until it could get independence (in 1960 only!!!); so folks there were obliged to learn how to speak French, otherwise they would be completely excluded (as some perhaps still are), so that that European way of speaking became its official language up to now, besides several African others, some mixed or having distinct dialects - none of these being official, only French!

What language is French derived from?

French is a Romance Language that is derived from Latin. It is a mix of Latin and the various local, native languages that were in existence in France at that time of the Roman Empire.

What language did the French have?

Before the Roman Empire, the Gauls lives in the area where we find France right now. The Gauls spoke Gallic. Then, the Romans conquered the Gauls, and forced them to speak Latin. This became a local accent, the so-called Gallo-Roman. After the Roman Empire, the Franks conquered the area, and these Franks had had a big influence on the language of the French people, but still their language was Old French (ancien français). From the Roman Empire until around 1800, there were a lot of changes of accent (nowadays, the accent is on the last syllabe), and very much changes of voyelles. Since around 1800, the language hasn't changed that much, and since then, we call it Modern French.

What is the oldest known language known to man?

Cuniform is the oldest existing example of a written langage we have; it was invented by the Sumarians. Proto-Indo-European is the oldest known language, and this is not the name of it, just a label applied to it so it can be discussed; however, there are no examples of this language still in existence. A partial lexicon of the language has been extrapolated and reconstructed by linguists and anthropologist by the examination of other very old languages that share this common root.

Why is the british language similar to the french language?

The development of the English language comes from many sources. There are many English words that are French. An example of this is the word "beef". After 1066 when William ( who was French) conquered England all of the kings and nobility only spoke French ( the queens menus today are still only in French) while the common man spoke a form of old English. The Vikings also added words to English ( many names of things/places are Norse even today) and there is a German influence, but the French remains the most dominate in English.

The language of zeros and one's is known as?

That is binary code! Binary code is what your computer basically runs off of. Those 1's and 0's are executed by the CPU, which then turns into a program such as an internet browser. Another cool fact about binary code, is that you can hide messages in it! See if you can decode this. . 01010111 01101001 01101011 01101001 01000001 01101110 01110011 01110111 01100101 01110010 01110011 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100001 01110111 01100101 01110011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100001 .

Is the British language known as English?

Yes, the British language is know as English. In UK(United Kingdom), Scotland, Norway, England, Great Britain and Ireland, people were speaking English in those countries in Europe. Their English is a British action but they speak English like people in the United States.

How are different french language and English language?

French and English are very different languages, but they are both categorized as "romance languages" or "latin-based languages so there are quite a few words in both langauges that are based on the same roots. Many french words are spelled the same as english words, but pronounced differently. Typically if you speak one of these languages the other should be fairly easy to learn, as compared to a language with a different base, such as Chinese. But people who speak only English won't be able to understand a French speaker, or vice versa, with some learning of the other language (in other words, they are not just dialects of the same language). English is not a Latin based (romance) language. It is Germanic, replacing the existing Celtic (Welsh) language following the Anglo-Saxon invasions. That Celtic was also a consequence of even earlier Celtic settlement. It does use quite a lot of French-origin words as a result of the Norman Conquest. French and English are both "Indo-European" because they both follow many common attributes of many Languages of India and Europe.

Why English known as international language?

English has become an internationally spoken language largely because of the size of the British Empire. The British explored the globe, settled in numerous regions such as Africa , Asia, Australia and North America. Although the empire is no more, a legacy of English language was left with the countries. At the same time, England was one of the most active trading countries in world. Traders in other countries found it beneficial to learn English to develop trade links and do business with the British. Read more: Why Also: More technical and medical words are in English than any other language. I had a friend who took a technical class in Mexico City--it was all in English! People in the third world; Indonesia, etc, are eager to learn English for medical/technical majors.

What languages are in the French language?

French language is based on Latin, but was also noticeably influenced by Germanic dialects (The Franks who gave their name to France were a northern Germanic tribe). Occasionnally, some words were adopted from local dialects and languages (Breton, Flemish, Occitan, ...) or foreign languages (Arabic, English, Italian, Spanish, German, etc..).

Are the french and spanish language a similar language?

Lot of words are the same in french and spanish language. These two languages have the same root : the latin language. But a french and a spanish can't understand each other because words are modified, conjugation is not the same... Exemple : Yo vivo en una casa de más de treinta años. Je vis dans une maison depuis plus de trente ans. (I live in a house since thirty years)

Is French language different from French-Canadian language?

Answer 1 French and Canadian-French are not really different. A few wordsmay be different, sometimes because they fell out of use inmainland France. But a Canadian visiting Paris will only be noticedby his accent (as would also French people from Northern France orfrom Marseilles). Answer 2 Canadian French has strong dialectic differences from French usedelsewhere. While the dialects are mutually intelligible, manyFrench-speakers, especially those who learned French as a secondlanguage, find it difficult to understand Canadian French and jokethat Canadians have invented a new language.

What languages in the Bible are known as semetic languages?

Itwas Hebrew and Aramaic which was used in the old testament. Greekis not. The Semitic languages are a language family originating inthe Near East whose living representatives are spoken by more than470 million people across much of Western Asia, North Africa andthe Horn of Africa, as well as in large expatriate communities inNorth America and Europe. Those languages were spoken bydescendants of Shem son of Noah and some Canaanites who wereservants of Semitic people. Some of them were Akkadian, Ugaritic,Phoenician, Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic and Ge'ez.