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What is the French word for buffet?

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Most of the time, "buffet." It could depend on your context.
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What is the buffet style?

the table is set attractively with the food to be served,the guests get their choice of food and find a place where they can enjoy eating

What does buffet mean?

Buffet means like all you can eat. Buffet can also mean to hit. For instance, if you were walking through a sandstorm, sand would be flying at your face and would hit you. Thu

What is buffet services?

It is when you eat all the food you want. And it has different sorts of food in categories like omg

What does the word buffeted mean?

The verb buffet (and the past tense is buffeted):     to strike, as with the hand or fist.   to strike against or push repeatedly: The wind buffeted the house.

Is the word buffet french?

Yes. The word buffet comes from 16th century France and referred to the manner in which food was presented on tables in a row. The word includes both the furniture used as wel

What is a fork buffet?

A Fork buffet is a buffet in which all items can be accessed and eaten with a fork. This means small bite sized portions.

What does the French word buffet mean?

Originally it was a table on which food was placed before being served, so that the guests or diners could see and smell it before choosing what they wanted to eat. Nowadays i

How do you use the word buffeted in a sentence?

"The sand buffeted my face in the sand storm." Buffeted refers to getting pelted or gritted by a airborne object. Dictionary.com is a good place to look up definitions and s

What are the buffet disadvatages?

1. Keeping the food cold enough or hot enough to maintain safe temperatures is difficult and requires the right equipment. 2. People serving themselves means you can't control