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GSM Stands for Global System foe Mobile Communications.It uses TDMA and FDMA accessing techniques for effective utilization of frequency spectrum.
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What is GSM?

GSM is a technology which is the leading cell phone standard all over the world. In 1982 it was recognized as a standard for digital wireless communications and was first adop

What is gsm uplink?

Hi,   For every GSM band there are Uplink and downlink frequencies.   Example:   GSM 900 TX: 880 MHz to 915 MHz is an uplink frequency range   GSM 900 RX: 925 MHz

What is E-GSM?

E-GSM is the band of frequency in a small radio or a wireless phone. The band is 880-A890 MHz small radio frequency band used in Europe to provide added network capacity for G

What is the importance of GSM?

Majority of the carriers worldwide use GSM technology, wherein SIM cards are utilized to store information, like contacts, and data. With this technology, it's just easy to us

What is GSMS?

this is where the chemical CG and MS come together to make GSMS, they can also can be taken away (separated) to be identified

What is the GSM frequency in India?

GSM 900 possibly 1800 in big cities maybe even umts 2100    It is 900/1800 Mhz, source voltageplugregion.com   /900/1800/2100(3g)/2300(4g)

What is 80 gsm?

The full form is 80 grams per square meter.

What is future of GSM?

The Limitations of GSM However, GSM is a technology of the mid 1980s where the only usage envisaged for a mobile phone is that of transmitting and receiving voice data. In fac
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How do you make GSM?

GSM is a way to communicate between a computer and a GSM-GPRS system. This is used mobile communication in most countries it enables higher data transmission rate.