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What is the Gaelic for 'two'?

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scottish Gaelic is "dha" or "da"
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What is the Gaelic symbol for two sisters?

There's no such thing as a Gaelic symbol for two sisters. The Manx word for "sisters" is "shuyraghyn" In Scots Gaelic it's "peathraichean" The Irish it's "deirfiúracha"

What are the two last Celtic-Gaelic languages?

Irish Gaelic, Scots Gaelic, and Welsh are all Celtic-Gaelic  languages that are still widely spoken today. There are also  Cornish and Manx which are now mostly dead.

Spell Two in Gaelic?

In Irish it's: a dó (counting out loud) dhá (counting objects) beirt (counting people)

What is you will in Gaelic?

The tenses are relatively easy in Gaelic, for English speakers, by comparison to learning many other languages. This is because the pronouns remain the same, and the verb is n

What is 'get' in Gaelic?

in the past tense its Fuair mé. in present its faighim and in future its Gheobhaidh mé. its a bit weird because its an irregular verb but the root verb stem is faigh:)

What is the Gaelic for will?

will (as in the will of God) = toil (pronounced 'tell' or 'till') will (as in my rich uncle's will) = uacht (oo-ucht, the 'ch' as in Loch Lomond) will (the future tense of ve

What two sports share plays with Gaelic football?

Gaelic Football is quite unique and while some sports have similar aspects, they are different. Sports like rugby, soccer and Australian rules have some similarities, but are