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What is the Greek god Hades' symbol?

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What is the Greek God Athena's symbol?

The Greek goddess Athena's two most common symbols are the owl and the olive tree. Owl: The owl represents great wisdom. Olive tree: When Athena competed with her uncle Poseid (MORE)

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What is the greek god hades bird?

The screech-owl; a bird of ill omen, it's myth is that Ascalaphus who managed the orchards of Hades reported to Hades that Persephone had tasted of the pomegranate seed: Demet (MORE)

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What was the symbol of the Greek god Zeus?

Zeus had 4 symbols:   One of them was the eagle. The eagle represented Zeus's power and leadership. Also, it was a sacred bird to the Greeks.   The other was the lightni (MORE)

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What is the symbol for the Greek god Prometheus?

He was one of thge Titans, related to the Olympian gods, but in opposition to them.  He has no actual symbol, but is often depicted wit a torch, meaning the fire he stole fro (MORE)

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Why is Hades important to the Greek gods?

Hades is important because he is the son of the titan of time. He is part of the BIG THREE his brothers are Zeus and Poseidon. He is the god of the underworld and death.

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What are facts about the Greek god Hades?

Hades was a multifaceted god. Originally, Hades was simply the name of the Underworld itself, but was later personified through the god Plouton (who then became known as Hades (MORE)