What is the Greek god Hades' symbol?


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What was the symbol of the Greek god Zeus?

Zeus had 4 symbols:   One of them was the eagle. The eagle represented Zeus's power and leadership. Also, it was a sacred bird to the Greeks.   The other was the lightni (MORE)

What is the greek god Prometheus symbol?

Apparently from what I've heard it is a flaming torch representing the fire he took from the gods and gave to the people. The fire represents power which Prometheus gave to th (MORE)

Great Myths and Greek Legend: The Mighty Gods and Goddesses

In Greek legends, Greek gods and goddesses control everything. From the heavens, the underworld and love to daylight and darkness, there is a god or goddess to oversee it. Her (MORE)
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Understanding the Minor Greek God Triton

In Greek mythology, there were a dozen major Greek gods, some of whom (such as Zeus or Hades) are extremely well known. The major Greek gods are not the only gods in Greek myt (MORE)
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Greek Mythology and the God Ares

In the original mythology, there were twelve different Gods of Olympus. Ares was the Greek god of war who was the offspring of Zeus and Hera. While there were technically two (MORE)
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Myths About the Greek God Hermes

Hermes was the son of Zeus and often heralded as the cleverest member of the Greek pantheon. With his winged hat and sandals, he was the fastest of the Olympians and acted as (MORE)
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Greek Mythology: Hades

In the entire history of the world Greek mythology holds a special place. Ancient Greek gods have very complex relations and genealogy and all of them are somehow related. Had (MORE)
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Symbols of the Greek Alphabet

The Greek alphabet has historically been very important. In addition to being the predecessor to the Latin alphabet, the Greek alphabet continues to lend its symbols to fields (MORE)

What is the greek god hades bird?

The screech-owl; a bird of ill omen, it's myth is that Ascalaphus who managed the orchards of Hades reported to Hades that Persephone had tasted of the pomegranate seed: Demet (MORE)

What are facts about the Greek god Hades?

Hades was a multifaceted god. Originally, Hades was simply the name of the Underworld itself, but was later personified through the god Plouton (who then became known as Hades (MORE)