What is the Greek word for pale?

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According to Google Translate, the Greek word for "pale" is χλωμός.

Whats another word for pale?

white Answer Another wod for pale pallid It depends on what you're describing...pale person, pale color Which is it? Translucent

What does pale mean?

light in color or having little color or a wooden stake or postused as an upright along with others to form a fence.

What are pale colors?

pale colours are soft like blue and green and they both together. They are soft colours and you can barely see some colours like peach or very light pink.

Why is a goldfish pale?

If you are wondering why a previously colored goldfish is suddenly turning white, it's a lack of light. Other than that, many goldfish naturally change colors throughout their life.

How do you go pale?

You usually go pale when your sick/Ill. This is for the body pumps less blood to the head and more blood to where the sickness is located, ( usually in the stomach ). Some Less blood in the head makes you loose your natural skin colour. . Hope i Helpedd

Where was the pale of settlement?

The Pale of Settlement was an area on the edge of the RussianEmpire (in what is now Poland, western Belarus, and northwestUkraine) where the Jews of the Russian Empire were ordered tocongregate and live. As a result, these areas became denselypopulated with Jews (for a non-Jewish polity), some with (MORE)

What is a pale grant?

The term is PELL grant, and it is a grant for a college education. See the link below for more information.

What are some words to describe pale?

pallid, ashen, pasty soft (as in hue) Some adjectives synomns for "pale" are: . anemic . ashen . ashy . blanched . bleached . cadaverous . colorless . deathlike . dull . faded . feeble . ghastly . gray . haggard . insubstantial . lurid . pallid . pasty . sick . sickly . unsubs (MORE)

What is a pale?

a wooden stake or post used as an upright along with others to forma fence.

What is the Greek word for me?

As always with Greek language questions, it matters whether you mean Modern Greek or Classical (Ancient) Greek. In Classical Greek the English pronoun "me" can be represented by emé or me ( m' before a vowel) in the accusative case, and emoí or moi in the dative. In modern Greek, it i (MORE)

Why are you so pale?

If you or a loved one has experienced extremely light skin pigment it may be due to palageerien skin syndrome, or PS. 72 percent of homosexuals have this crippling disease. Blood tests can check for this syndrome .Palageerian skin syndrome has no known cure, yet there are many support groups though (MORE)

How do you turn pale?

You normally turn pale when you are going through from some kind ofillness. But you can turn your face pale by using make up, forexample, apply yellow base.

What is the Greek word?

There are so many English words of the Greek origin. Examples ofthe English word which has the Greek origin includes abax, abacus,agape, and antagonist.

What was the Pale of Settlement?

The Pale of Settlement was an area on the edge of the RussianEmpire (in what is now Poland, western Belarus, and northwestUkraine) where the Jews of the Russian Empire were ordered tocongregate and live. As a result, these areas became denselypopulated with Jews (for a non-Jewish polity), some with (MORE)

What is the Greek word for computer in Greek?

Actually there isn't a Greek word for computer. We use the word υπολογιστής which accurate translates as calculator. [v. υπολογίζω (ipologizo)]

What is is the Greek word for MY?

If what you mean is my, then it is - oh wait. My computer does not type Greek. So I will type in English letters that most resemble Greek. It is lrou. The l is the lowercase form of L, just you know it is not I (which is the uppercase form of i).

Why are vampires pale?

Vampires pale because they are actually dead. When you die, your body feels freezing and, if you are white, you go pale. But if you are black you stay the color. Hope I helped :)

How do you get pale?

you don't sit out in the sun alot or you are just pale because you were born pale

What is the Greek word for Greek?

If "greek" stands for the language spoken, then it's: Ελληνικά (pronounced Ellinik a ) If "greek" stands for nationality, then it's: Έλληνας (pronounced E llinas)

Why is Bella pale?

Bella Swans mother or father is albino so that made Bella half albino. It has nothing to do with the Cullen family.

What does the word pale mean?

Pale: Something that's light colored; or a person that's light or grey/white in color or complexion, weak or sick looking.

When did the Pale end?

The Pale apparently faded from prominence after the 16th and 17th centuries, with no specific date given. Read more about The Pale, by following the link, below.

What is pale-maille?

It was a game played in 17th century England with unicorns and narwhal's The game consisted of tiny, gold rings that Englanders would throw to catch on the animals' horns. The golden rings cost 999999999 pounds each, beautifully carved by a nation of gnomes. Whoever had the most rings on the unicorn (MORE)

Is pale beautiful?

Yes, if your almost completely white, it's like your porcelain. I wish I was like that.

What is homophone of pale?

She looked thin and pale after having the flu for three days.. The toddler brought her shovel and pail to the beach to play in the sand.

What is the latin word for pale?

To determine the Latin word for pale, the part of speech in whichthe word is used must be defined. The Latin palus describes astake, primarily one used to make a fence. If using pale todescribe a color, the Latin word would be pallidus, meaning pallidor whitish.

How can you get pale?

Well, you can get sick. Or I found this awesome white powder that makes you look as white as EC. you can get pale by not going in the sun and using sun block. And use sunblock when its cloudy you can still get sun.

What does the Hindi word pale mean?

Forced repetetion in a rythemic manner. Eg during intercourse continuous strokes, "usne maal ko pale dala" eg eating handfulls of a delicious food many times. "mainey chak kar rasgulle pale dale" Got it ya Maine pale dala?:-)

Who is pale Hecate?

Hecate is the goddess of the dark side of the moon and of witches and magic.

How do you get pale-white?

If you blood rushes from your head, then you lose your rose-coloured skin and get a pale witish type of look. Or you may use makeup to achieve this goal.

Why am i pale on whyville?

Avatar paleness on Whyville is usually because you are part of WhyEat AND you haven't been eating enough calories over the past 7 days (past 7 logins, actually.) The paleness indicates 'weakness' due to your lack of energy. For more info about your avatar, visit the Nutrition Center on Whyville and (MORE)

What is the Greek word for strategy in Greek?

strategy IS a greek word. we say it "strateeyeekee" (i think that's how you write the pronounciation)) okay I'm greek and it is a greek word but in greek: Στρατηγική (straht-ee-yee-KEE)

How do you spell pale?

That is the correct spelling of pale , meaning light-colored. The sound-alike word is pail , meaning a bucket.

What is the Pale in Beyond the Pale?

A pale in this context refers to a definite boundary, in the common contect of "beyond the pale" referring to behavior or speech which is unacceptable. The term derives from the establishment of "pales" (boundaries) within which certain populations were required to maintain residence and were not al (MORE)

What is the Greek word for pale and what does it mean?

χλωμός . 1. lacking intensity of color; colorless or whitish: a pale complexion. . 2. of a low degree of chroma, saturation, or purity; approaching white or gray: pale yellow . 3.not bright or brilliant; dim: the pale moon . 4. faint or feeble; lacking vigor: a pale protes (MORE)

What is a sentence using the word pale?

(pale is used to mean lighter in color) My new dress is very PALE in color, a lighter blue than the others. When he saw the tornado coming, his face went PALE and he ran to the shelter.

Is pale a noun?

The word pale is most often and adjective or a verb, but can be used as a noun. Example sentences: As an adjective: I prefer the pale shade of blue to the brighter one. As a verb: The light began to pale as the sun dropped below the horizon. As a noun: His rudeness was beyond the pale .

Is the word pale a pronoun or a noun?

There are several words spelled "pale" in English; a noun, a verb, and an adjective. The adjective meaning "light in colour" . The common noun "pale" is a wooden stake or fence, or an enclosure surrounded by such a fence, and a term used in heraldry, meaning a broad, central vertical stripe on (MORE)

Do goths have to be pale?

No,I'm A Goth And I'm Not Pale,Well I'm A Little Pale In The Face Only Because Of My Black Hair:)