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The Hamiltonian Federalist refers to either Alexander Hamilton himself, or those in favor of his economic policies. HFs usually were in favor of a strong central government with the power centered in the executive branch, a national bank and the assumption of state debts, and usually prefered things that catered to the elite, aristocratic person - a paradox if there ever was one.

After digesting the above ennui paradoxical answer, some clarity to whose policies benefited whom. General Alexander Hamilton was an orphan, a self-made man from Nevis, like most Hamiltonian Federalists, a staunch abolitionist, unlike southerners: Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe, who inherited wealth and were the aristocratic plantation owners. As history tells us, the Jeffersonians and Hamiltonians were baleful enemies, the former wanted states rights to be stronger like the Articles of the Confederation and the latter believed in the union and strength of the national government. Hamilton, a protean genius, the father of American government, read The Federalist Papers, and the architect behind American capitalism, read Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton.
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