What is the Height of US aircraft carrier landing deck?

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On the latest US Nimitz class carriers, fully ladened, at rest and in calm seas, the height off of the water of the main deck is about 57 feet. The earlier Midway and Essex class carriers were a bit less.
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Were aircraft attached to the decks of aircraft carriers to use their engine thrust to assist in steering?

- While aboard the USS Bonn Homme Richard ( CVA 31 ) in the late 50's I personally observed this being done, with AD's, at almost every port that we entered, especially in Jap

What are the uses of the aircraft carrier today?

WWII-Naval battles (Fleet actions); troop support; strategic strikes Vietnam War-Strategic strikes against North Vietnam & close air strikes for ground troops Today-Strikes ag

How thick is the deck of an aircraft carrier?

Not really very thick at all. Some of the British carriers hadarmored decks, but their were the only ones. US carrier decks weresheet steel welded into place and covered over

Height of aircraft carrier flight deck?

65 ft on WWII carriers, except Midway class, where it was lowered to about 50 ft to make the ship less vulnerable to Japanese radar. Modern carriers' flight decks are 80-90 ft

Can an A-10 land on an aircraft carrier?

Maybe, if it was equipped with a tailhook to catch the arresting gear on the flight deck. Without a tailhook, nobody is going to be landing on an aircraft carrier except for h