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White OakThe state native tree of Illinois is the White Oak. In 1973, a special poll of 900,000 school children changed the State Native Tree from the Oak to the White Oak because the oak wasn't clear enough.
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Is Illinois a community property state?

  Answer     No. Community property states are Arizona, Washington State, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Wisconsin. Wisconsin however

Is Illinois a state?

Yes. Illinois is considered a midwestern state.

Why is Illinois' nickname the Prairie State?

Illinois is nicknamed the Prairie State because it is mostly flat and farmland; however, in the northwest corner of the state (for example Route 20 to Galena) it does get a

Chicago Illinois is located in which Illinois state?

Chicago is located in the State of Illinois. Chicago is primarily located within Cook County, with the exception of a small northwestern portion of the city at O'Hare Intern

Will a sequoia tree grow in Illinois?

yes, they like a lot of water (full grown ones take in about 1000 gallons a day.) the cold temperature doesnt effect them and is often considered good for the tree

What is the statute of limitations in the state of Illinois?

Statute: 720 ILCS 5/3-5; 5/3-7   Summary: The following sets forth the applicable crimes and the time period within which a prosecution must commence thereafter. Felonies:

Who is my illinois state representative?

There is a list by district at the related link below.   There is also a link to the State Legislatures search site.

What is Illinois State University known for?

ISU is known for a few things. 1. Jane Lynch from Glee attended ISU 2. Their Education Program is one of the Top Notch rated programs 3. It is the only school with a Communic

What state borders Illinois to the south?

Since the southern border of the State of Illinois comes to a point, the two states that border Illinois to the south are Kentucky on the east and Missouri on the west.

Is Illinois a southern state?

No. Illinois is in the northern half of the United States. However, Southern Illinois is further south than many parts of Virginia, Missori and Kentuckey. The southern tip nea