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What is the Irish for 'I love Irish men'?

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Let's see...there are a few ways...

Is maith liom fír Éireanach = I like Irish men.

Is bréa liom fír Éireanach = I ____ Irish men. 'Bréa' doesn't really have a translation. It means a great like for something.

Now, in order to say LOVE...

Tá grá agam do fír Éireanach = I have love for Irish men (Irish sentances can be structured differently then in english).
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What is the Irish for 'I love you'?

Is tú mo ghrá "You are my love." Tá grá agam duit. "I have love for you." Is mo ghrá thú or mo grá thú "You are my love" Táim i ngrÃ

What is the Irish for love?

grá (love, charity, beloved person) searc (love, beloved one) cion (love, affection; regard, esteem; influence) gean (love, affection) grá (love) grá

What is We love you in Irish?

Tá grá againn duit (to one person); Tá grá againn daoibh (to more than one).

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Pretty much the same as all other men.
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I assume that by "I will," you mean the first person singular future tense. (More correctly this should be "I shall," but American and Canadian English make almost no distinct